Love, trust, and Rolex ...? Echo Fox and the love their owner has for the players

Today’s cartoon is about Echo Fox and the love their owner has for the players.

The team that is dominating the NA LCS would be none other than Echo Fox. They are really different from how they were last year; with a record of 10W 2L, Echo Fox is at the top of the leaderboard along with Cloud 9 (9W 3L).

There’s a familiar face that appears quite often at Echo Fox matches. Former NBA player and current Echo Fox owner, Rick Fox. Rick’s love for the team is strong; he comes to the arena for all the matches to cheer for the players. He is often caught on the camera, giving the players high-fives and laughing. Many LCK fans say that it’s really interesting, because in the LCK, large corporations own esports teams rather than individuals. Rick’s consistent support and passion as an owner are rare to see in the LCK scene.

Rick’s love for the team doesn’t stop there. Adrian once mentioned “If we win in Miami, he said he’ll buy the whole team Rolex watches or whatever watch we want. And maybe we will get a team car from Echo Fox if we play really well. ”

Echo Fox has been on a positive streak this Spring. The strong support that the players receive from the team owner is a constant boost to their morale, and is pushing them to become more dedicated and driven.

The atmosphere of Echo Fox is really something. They’re not just connected by the ink and paper of their contracts, but with strong trust and love. We hope that this positive link between the players and the team owner of Echo Fox sets a good example for all current and future teams. It will definitely be exciting to see how far Echo Fox will go, and if the players will earn themselves those nice watches.

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