Drieghan coming to KR on Mar 8th - New grind spots and New boss monster revealed

The new region, Drieghan, will be added to Black Desert Online KR on March 8th. The teaser website for Drieghan opened today, and the teaser page features the legend of the birth of Drieghan, the capital city Duvencrune, new grind spots (Sherekhan’s Grave, Red Wolf Village, and Tshira Ruins), a new boss monster named Gamos the Red Dragon, and some of the lore of the new region.

The three new grind spots that will be added along with Drieghan are Sherekhan’s Grave, Red Wolf Village, and the Tshira Ruins. The recommended level and AP for Sherekhan’s Grave are 60 and 230, which is similar to that of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple, and the major drop will be a new accessory called “Belt of Orkinrad.”

Red Wolf Village is for players who are level 59 or above. The recommended AP is 190, and the major drop will be a new accessory called “Gaktum’s Obedience Ring.” The recommended level and AP suggests that the area will have the same level of difficulty as the Navarn Steppe.


The Tshira Ruins is a tricky one, as the recommended level/AP will be very different based on the monsters you aim to kill. If you are going to grind weaker monsters, the recommended level and AP is 57 and 150. However, if you are going to grind higher level monsters, the recommended AP and level is 60 and 220, which is similar to the recommended level/AP for Forest Ronaros.

Since the title is “the land of the Dragons”, the new boss monster is suitably named Gamos the Red Dragon. According to the lore, Gamos is a small but cunning dragon who was known to have been defeated by the Sherekhans a long time ago. However, Gamos was only seriously injured, and the Red Wolves have brought him back to Drieghan. It is very likely that the new boss monster will drop new boss gear.

Lastly, Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan, is a city on a high mountain that features stunning rocky cliffs and waterfalls. The lore reveals Drieghan’s connection to Serendia, Calpheon, and Kamasylvia as well.


▲ Drieghan is located at the east of Kamasylvia, the southeast of Calpheon, and the south of Serendia.  


◆ New Grind Spot - Sherekhan's Grave (Level 60, 230 AP)


◆ New Grind Spot - Red Wolf Village (Level 59, 190 AP)


◆ New Grind Spot - Tshira Ruins (Level 57, 150 AP or Level 60, 220 AP)


◆ New Boss Monster - Gamos the Red Dragon 


◆ Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan

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Comments :5

  • 0

    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec

    Wow looks stunning. The clouds on the map pics makes my think this is only Drieghan Part 1.

  • 0

    level 1 Malphie


    I think the new boss item will be that mysterious gloves ^^

    • 0

      level 1 Constantin83


      Yea. I think it will be the Gloves since Armor, Boots and Helmet have substitutes. It will be interesting to have some flame effect on those gloves :)

    • 0

      level 1 PeulleieoYukino


      According to the KR version of the site, this new item seems to be an equivalent of the Dandelion, and dropped by the new Dragon boss.

    • 0

      level 1 Amatsu


      Equivalent as in exact same stats?

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