GGS Contractz: "One time when I was back in C9, I woke up to Hai eating baby food."

In week 6 of the NA LCS, Golden Guardians claimed a win against CLG.

While being placed last for the entirety of the split, Golden Guardians have finally improved their status on the ladder. Golden Guardians are now tied for 9th place alongside CLG. In the game against CLG, Contractz showed an amazing performance on Kha’zix with early game pressure and objective control. With GGS having a jungler that can play a very aggressive style of play, they were able to gain an early game lead to close out the game against CLG.

After the game, Inven Global interviewed GGS’ jungler, Contractz. Let’s see what Contractz has to say about C9, Matt’s Baron steal, and Hai eating baby food.

¤ The game today was a bit of a clown fiesta. How do you feel about the game and the win today?

I think for the first 15 minutes of the game was really good for us. We were snowballing 5-0, and we were able to get mid turret while collapsing on bot turret as well. However, I think we made a lot of poor macro decisions. We started taking fights we didn’t need to. I think this is when it really turned into a clown fiesta. I believe if we take the games more slow and recognize our win conditions, we could do a lot better next time.

¤ From the moment you saw the roster for your team to the performances up to this point, what do you think are the biggest differences for Golden Guardians? Do you think you guys have improved a lot?

Yeah, we have definitely improved a lot from where we started. We are still on the bottom of the tier list. It isn’t like we are good or anything. However if we are feeling/playing well on a particular day, I think we can go out and win against any team. Our team just needs to get more consistent to grab those wins. It all comes down to practice. If we start performing well in practice, I think we will do really well.

¤ Since your previous team was Cloud9, do you ever miss C9?

Yeah for sure. Everyone there is really nice. The organization is pretty good. Obviously, I had moments when I would think what would have happened if I was back in C9. But, I am on a new journey now. I am really happy where I am at with Golden Guardians. This team is a good place for me to become the star player. I think I won’t have any regrets anymore. I’m just focusing on Golden Guardians right now.

¤ Since you said you are happy with Golden Guardians, what are some of the positives with GGS that were not present in C9?

I think both teams are actually really similar. I would have to say Cloud9 is a little more lenient. For example, what you can say or do around the house. This is because, the Golden State Warriors organization doesn’t really mess around. If you do something really bad, you will get the boot right away.

¤ Every team has different goals and expectations set for the players. What was the goals and expectations set for the Golden Guardians?

As a team and as an organization, Golden Guardians really want the long term. In the next year, they want everyone to grow as a team and be able to compete with the top tier teams.

¤ Let’s talk about the last Baron fight. You were outside of the pit and Matt stole Baron. What was the voice coms during and after the fight?

Before the fight happened, I communicated to the team that I had no smite. I said “I’m not going to look for a steal. I am going to look to poke with my w and try to catch one of their carries.”. We were just looking to fight. Ryze and Ornn were about to spawn with tp as well. Even though we were just looking to team fight, Matt exhausted Kalista and stole Baron with an auto attack or Q (laughs).

¤ What do you think your team or yourself has to improve in order for Golden Guardians to climb up the ladder?

For me personally, I need to clean up my play a lot. I have been making a lot of weird mistakes that I never made last year or even in the summer. I think I just need to think twice on what I am doing and play a bit safer. I am only thinking about myself and not what the enemy can do. As long as I focus on the enemy as well as myself, I believe it will be good for me.

¤ If you had to pick one player on your team that you respect the most and have the best synergy with, who would it be?

It would have to be Hai. I was with Hai for a long time when we were together in a team back in the day. I respect all of my teammates, but I especially respect Hai because he has been to numerous Worlds. Hai has been on the top of NA for a really long time. I just have a lot of respect for him.

¤ Do you have any funny moments you have experienced with Hai?

It is kind of inappropriate, so I can’t really say (laughs). I am just going to say this. One time when I was back in C9, I woke up to Hai eating baby food. For a some reason… (laughs). I can’t really go into too much detail (laughs).

¤ Every player has their pose taken for the between game screen time. Why is your pose the ninja pose?

Oh, it is because I am a big anime watcher. I watch a lot of anime, and everyone knows I am kind of a weeb. I’m just like “why not?”. It is fun to do (laughs).

¤ Lastly if you could say one thing to your teammates right now, what would it be?

It has been a rough split so far. But, we are all still working hard. We all have really good mindsets. Let’s just all try our best and show everyone that we can perform against these LCS teams.

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