Khan on Sion: "Laning against him is beyond tiring... it makes me feel like I'm going to poop blood"

Will Kingzone DragonX start another winning streak?

By taking down Afreeca Freecs, KZ has secured their first win of the 2018 LCK Spring Split Round 2. In their previous series, KZ lost to bbq Olivers, but today, they redeemed themselves and showed the world why they're placed 1st in the LCK standings.

In game 1, after KZ had pushed their lead and formed a 10k gold lead, they allowed AFs to make a comeback - KZ had underperformed in late-game teamfights. But in game 2, Khan's Gangplank proved strong and evened out the score for KZ. In game 3, KZ played a team composition that depended on early snowballing, and their tactics worked. 

On KZ's previous series against BBQ, Khan had bought the worries of his fans as he was subbed out for Rascal due to health issues. But through today's match, Khan showed that he's still the same player that he used to be. Bdd also displayed fantastic performance on Taliyah and was given the MVP title alongside Khan. The following is their OGN interview after the series.

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You guys must've felt pressure playing today, especially because you lost to BBQ in your previous match.

Khan: Since we lost to BBQ, I was thinking that we had to win today. So yesterday, I practiced especially hard. I'm happy that good results followed. 

Bdd: If we had lost today, it would've been very burdening for me as well. I'm glad that we won. 

A lot of people were worried about you when you showed symptoms of hyperventilation. Are you okay now?

Khan: At the time, I couldn't breathe... I asked myself, "is something terribly wrong with my body?" and had worried. But when I went to the hospital, they told me that I'll be fine and that it's nothing. I think I'm fine now.

Bdd: I was very surprised because I had never seen such a thing happen before. Khan's condition was very bad at that time. Even while playing, everyone was worried. I'm glad that he's fully healed.

In game 1, you lost to a comeback. What kind of conversations went back and forth within your team before the start of game 2?

Khan: We were capable of winning game 1, but we lost to a comeback. Before the start of game 2, we said, "let's give and receive feedback on game 1 when we get home. Let's not worry about our loss." It has also been a while since Cuzz saw play on stage, so we told him to relax and not get nervous. 

In a Gnar vs. Gangplank matchup, who has the advantage? Which one are you more willing to play?

Khan: Normally, people say that Gnar will win, but I prefer to just endure my lane and rely on my team. The one that plays Gnar will feel pressure because he's expected to win his laning phase, and I don't like that. Even if I lose my laning phase, I'll have the option to support my team by using Gangplank's ultimate. That's why I prefer Gangplank over Gnar.

At an important moment in game 2, you solo-killed Gnar. Do you normally see possible kills in those kinds of situations?

Khan: I could've lost the fight due to other variables like Shen and Galio ultimates... But before even thinking about the possible outcomes, I ran in - led by my heart. A super-play and trolling is separated by a thin sheet of paper. I'm glad that my play was successful, but had it failed... I would've ruined the game for my team. (Laughs)

Did you set up that play?

Bdd: Khan has always enjoyed hiding with Gangplank before attacking. He attempted that play a number of times before too, but the chance didn't come until that Gnar kill.

You constantly placed Powder Kegs in botlane. Was that also a setup?

Khan: An experienced hunter knows to set his trap and wait for his hunt. (Laughs)

The 'picks and bans' in game 3 were quite unique. You guys blind picked Taliyah and Braum.

Bdd: Blind picking didn't really matter... and to be honest, I wanted to play Zoe, but our coach told us, "You, play Taliyah, and you, play Jayce." That's why we played such an offensive comp.

Do you always listen to your coaches? Have you ever made an objection before?

Khan: With whatever they give me to play, I do my best to do everything that I can with that champion. I reply with an "okay" to whatever my coaches tell me to do.

In the early stages of game 3, Jayce died multiple times. Was the whole experience backbreaking?

Khan: I almost cried while playing because it was so strenuous. 

Did you feel hatred towards the coach that made you play Jayce?

Khan: Not at all, because if I had played better, I wouldn't have died in the first place. The problem was my own hands, not the champion.

In the current meta, Sion has been seeing a lot of play in toplane. He must not be an easy champion to lane against. It must be tiring to lane against him.

Khan: It's beyond tiring - it makes me feel like I'm going to poop blood. It's really hard to lane against him. But even if he had the pick advantage, if I had better dodged his skills and landed all of mine, things would've been different. I lost in lane because I played bad - pick advantage is not to blame.

Bdd displayed fantastic performance on Taliyah. She felt like an S-tier pick.

Bdd: Indeed, I think she's S-tier. (Laughs)

Your usage of Taliyah's ultimate was on point. Do you have a know-how that you can share?

Bdd: I don't really have a special know-how, but I think it's best to use the ultimate without worrying too much about the outcome; don't hesitate. If you get the feeling that a situation calls for a Taliyah ultimate, it's best to just use it right away.

Did you think that maybe you would've had a hard time in game 3 due to the team composition?

Khan: As soon as the enemy team picked Corki, Bdd said, "I can carry this game."

Bdd: Corki's laning phase isn't strong. On the other hand, I'm confident in my skills on Taliyah - to play out a strong laning phase.

Any last words for the fans?

Khan: I don't think you guys need to worry about my health anymore. As a professional gamer, I need to take care of my body, right? I'm not an amateur, so don't worry. Also, I'll not only show my health recover to its best form but my performance as well. Thank you.

Bdd: We lost our last series, and today's was a close call as well. I'm glad that we won. Next time, we'll show an even better game. Thank you.

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