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First Look at the new region Drieghan



The first official screenshots of Drieghan, the new region after Kamasylvia, have been released via the GM's Notes in Black Desert Online KR. Drieghan is an area surrounded by high mountains and rocks. The difference of geographical elevation in the area makes Drieghan look different from the other parts of the world of BDO. The GM Notes mentioned that this will be the first part of the preview of Drieghan, and addition of the new region is not far away.    



More on Black Desert Online: BDO KR Patch Notes Feb 22nd 


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    level 1 Aatrocy

    damn looks awesome

    and thank you invenglobal for releasing infos from kr for the global community

    though is there a site where i can check all the up to date rabam skill for ninja.

    the contenct concerning that is rather sparse , on yt , invenglobal or any result of a searchengine i use

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    level 1 ShimrraFiril

    Thank you for all your news, guides, etc. You are awesome !

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    level 1 Konokolicious

    i hope some new content will be added. No need of new spots full of nothing like kamasylvia.

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    level 1 Samuel_Luque

    thank you so much for the info!!

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    level 1 Tone_Verdun

    Thanks for the info of the new area. When will BDO put int he gunner class?

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