Lee Sin’s Sorrow - the Biggest Victim of the 8.4 update

Today’s cartoon is about Lee Sin, who suffered severe damage in the 8.4 update.

With his superb performance, Lee Sin had been loved by users and professional gamers for a long time. After seeing so much, it seems it may be time for Lee Sin to take a bit of a break, although the break may not be short.

As “Green Smite” was deleted in the update, Lee Sin is having the worst bump of his career. The users’ reactions vary. There are people who think it’s time for him to come down since he was popular for too long, and some players who’ve suffered from Lee Sin sneer at the nerf. Some even welcome the old Lee Sin’s comeback. The users who have loved and played Lee Sin for a long time are looking for a countermeasure to the situation, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a solution and the memorial services continue.

“Where am I needed?” Now people really don’t know the answer to that.

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