The 2nd Collaboration of Monster Hunter: World with Horizon Zero Dawn, live on Feb 28


The 2nd collaboration of the Monster Hunter: World, this time with Horizon Zero Dawn, is expected to go live on February 28th (UTC).

This event will be held for 2 weeks from midnight on February 28th (UTC) to 23:59 on March 15th. The collaboration quest is called “The Proving” with a 6★ difficulty, and only hunters above rank 11 can receive the quest. The hunter must slay an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest in order to complete the quest.

Upon completing the quest, the material called Lessons of the Wild is given as a reward. A bow named Aloy’s Bow and a full armor set named Aloy alpha becomes available for crafting when you hand the material over to the Smithy. Just like the other collaboration quest equipment, the appearance of the character changes to Aloy regardless of gender when equipped with the Aloy alpha.

A hunter with Horizon Zero Dawn gear and Palico Cat
Hunt down an Anjanath and get Lessons of the Wild

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