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2018 LCK Spring Split Round 1 Nearing an End!



Today’s cartoon is about the results of the 2018 LCK Spring Split Round 1, which is almost over.

The 2018 LCK Spring Split Round 1 has only a week of matches left. Each team has one match left, and the players are striving to claim that one victory. With one week left to go, how are things looking?

First, Kingzone DragonX has been delivering near-perfect performance in all matches and isn’t planning to step down from the top. Behind them is Afreeca Freecs on a winning streak, followed closely by kt Rolster who is trailing only in set score. KSV, who had a good start, is struggling as the round is nearing an end.

The middle of the leaderboard is pretty hectic. SKT T1 fell to the bottom, but after changing their jungler, they’re aiming to get back into the top group. Of course, that might be possible after getting ahead of the 5th-ranked ROX Tigers, who defeated Jin Air Green Wings. Jin Air is also in a hurry to get back up after falling to 7th.

It’s quite fierce near the bottom, too. With Trick-IgNar, bbq Olivers’ start wasn’t bad, but it seems like they’re missing something. They consecutively lost to SKT T1 and MVP, and really need some sort of turnaround. Kongdoo Monster played quite well early in the season and was called one of the 4 K’s of LCK for a while, but is staggering after being hit by the strong teams. MVP is at the bottom of the list, having a very rough start. They were able to get 2 wins during February, but they will need to put in more effort than any other team to do better in Round 2.

The results of Round 1 could be an index of which teams adapted well to the new meta. Round 1 of spring had many unexpected results with new players, a new meta, updates, etc. and Round 2 is coming soon. I hope all teams will play without regrets in the remaining week and start fighting fully-adapted to the new meta in Round 2.


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