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The first test of Black Desert Mobile revealed! Kzarka boss raid on mobile


It’s been 3 days since the first test for Black Desert Mobile started in Korea. Many parts of the world boss content have become more user-friendly due to the game being played on the mobile platform. On the 3rd day of the premium test was the test for the Kzarka raid. When it was time for the raid to begin, a notification icon appeared on the right side of the minimap, and we could instantly teleport via auto-teleport or by tapping the icon as the door to the Kzarka Shrine opened (within the territory of Serendia).


Rather than everyone joining on an open field like the original game, players entered a separate room like an instant dungeon, where Kzarka is summoned. Around 25 to 30 players were randomly matched to raid on Kzarka, although the correct expression used here would be “sealed”. Players were given extra rewards based on the damage they dealt once they managed to take down Kzarka. According to the interview with the Pearl Abyss, this is just a dungeon, not an instant one.


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▲ Tap on that button and you will be able to easily join the world boss raid anywhere.


The difficulty of the Kzarka raid wasn’t as high as expected due to it being a test. We were able to kill Kzarka within 10 minutes since we had several level 43 players, which is essentially the max level in this test (Black Spirit level 30, AP about 1,400). The raid was also easier due to a stress test that took place during the fight, which caused players to take no damage from Kzarka for a moment. Players would enter the dungeon at 30 level but it took around 1 hour to finish the raid only with players of level 30’s.


Many players who played the original Black Desert Online agreed that the difficulty level of the Kzarka raid should be increased, although some players disagreed, saying the current level of difficulty is appropriate since many players who are used to playing regular mobile games would find the game itself too difficult if the difficulty was too high.


Another difference this mobile game has from the original one is that there is no need for players to try to increase Amity separately to gain Knowledge on Kzarka. You might find it hard to believe, but sometimes Knowledge can just be found right next to an NPC or on the ground in the mobile version. You can just gain the Kzarka Knowledge from Heidel, and then you’ll be able to see Kzarka’s HP when you join the world boss raid.

More can be seen in the video below.


▲Kzarka’s loot drops are always appealing.
▲ The player perspective becomes wider during the battle against the world bosses. 
▲ You can see how Kzarka’s HP going down by gaining Knowledge on Kzarka.
▲ AP for level 43 player is around 1,500, and the recommended AP for the Kzarka raid is 2,285.



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