Viewership vs. Prowess, Thoughts about 'Back to Bo1'

Today’s cartoon is about the Bo1 that NA, and EU has chosen.

Last September, Riot had announced that NA LCS will go back from Bo3 to Bo1. Soon enough, they announced the same for EU LCS as well. Since this was such a drastic change in the scene, some predicted that LCK will change its system to Bo1 as well.

At that time, many people expressed expectancy and worries at the same time. As for the expectancy, all matches will be quick and many different fans will be viewing on each game day. The financial problem that could be solved through this was something EU LCS quite needed. Otherwise, the middle-low ranked teams who had their strengths in attractive performance or special picks have a chance to rise to a higher rank; the leaderboard may be a lot more interesting.

The worries were quite clear. The total number of games played will be reduced and the substitute players won’t get as many chances compared to Bo3. Also, many pointed out that Bo3 helps the teams develop a lot more than Bo1. Even some of the players expressed their worries about Bo1. Some fans laughed at the decision by saying EU and NA went back to Bo1 to get through the group stage at Worlds. Since one match is important, the RNG (Elemental Drakes) can affect the result a lot more than Bo3.

During the season, polls were taken for preference between Bo1 and Bo3. Early in the season, the preference was similar, but after some time, the preference for Bo1 has gone up. Many players and authorities got to understand the advantages of the Bo1 system. Also, the opinion of playing Bo1 in the spring and playing Bo3 in the summer to prepare for Worlds is having positive reactions in forums.

Already, round 1 of the first season of 2018 is nearing its end. At this point, thoughts on Bo1 hits the mind. After seeing half a season, what do you think? For broadcast, popularity and for development, do you think Bo1 was a good choice?

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