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Legend x Legend: Faker meets Umehara "The Beast" Daigo



The most famous players of League of Legends and Street Fighter are to meet.


Twitch Japan announced through Twitter, a special stream of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok meeting Umehara “The Beast” Daigo will be on air on the 13th of February (JST, UTC+09).


The two players are the most known players in their area. They each delivered unbelievable performance in their games and both have many fans around the world. Faker’s most famous moment was at the finals of HOT6 Champions Summer 2013; he killed Ryu’s Zed which had full HP with less than half HP. Umehara also had super plays; the most memorable moment was at EVO 2004, at near death, he parried Wong’s Chun li’s super combo perfectly to turn the game around.


What the two players will do hasn’t been revealed yet, but the legendary meet-up itself is drawing attention from worldwide fans.


■ Faker's Legendary Mirror Duel  vs Ryu's Zed


■ Umehara's Legendary Full Parry



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    level 1 Chris_Tweten


    "17-combo Parry"

    You can tell this is written by someone unfamiliar with fighting games. How can you call that a combo if none of the hits connected?

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      level 1 Viion


      We've changed the error. Thank you for pointing that out!

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