Get more gear for your Palico - summary of the Grimalkyne quests in Monster Hunter: World

From the Ancient Forest to the Rotten Vale, there is a Grimalkyne interaction event in each area. They are not that difficult to accomplish since you simply have to find a Grimalkyne, go through an easy fight with them, or perform a specific activity in the map. Upon completing the event, you are given a set of Palico equipment and befriend the Grimalkyne, allowing you to recruit their help in different situations.

However, you don’t meet all of them in the beginning. Depending on the progression of quests, new areas are unlocked and you will then be able to proceed with the event after getting a hint from Felyne researchers in each area. Just like other NPCs, the Felyne researcher is shown as a light-green marker on the map and is easy to find. Complete quests, meet all of the cute cats of the Grimalkyne tribe and get the Felyne skill equipment.

Ancient Forest - Flashfly Cage

Quest type: investigation

Effect: spawns a flashfly near the player

After getting a hint from a Felyne researcher and exploring around area 14 of the Ancient Forest, a Grimalkyne appears. He can be seen in area 17 if he’s not in area 14. It is recommended that you check the location of the small Grimalkyne icon on your map before you depart to the area.

The cat runs away when he sees a player. You need to follow a scoutfly and reach the 
Bugtrapper village, and you will then be able to interact with him after a short conversation event.

As the first Palico Gadget quest, it is not that difficult to complete and a gadget called the 
Flashfly Cage, which works like a flash bomb, is made available.

The location is relatively easy to find


Wildspire Waste - Shieldspire

Quest type: capture

Effect: spawns a shield to taunt large monsters

You can talk to a Grimalkyne from the 
Protector tribe in area 15 of the Wildspire Waste. The Grimalkyne asks you to find other tribe members who got scattered away by Barroth’s charge, and the event is accomplished by capturing 3 wandering Grimalkynes with a trap. You can check the whereabouts of a wandering Grimalkyne via the icon on the map, find them, and capture one each. The trick is to approach them slowly from behind and throw a trap, but you can also capture them by quickly running to them and throwing a trap.

Even if you fail the capture, they soon appear in other areas, so check other locations on the map if you failed. Upon completing the quest, you will be given a gadget called 
Shieldspire, which draws monsters’ attention.

The easily missable pit to area 15


Coral Highlands - Coral Orchestra

Quest type: Slaying

Effect: increase attack or defense, and give resistance to status effects

Upon arriving at area 10 of the Coral Highlands, you begin a fight with Grimalkynes riding on small monsters. You can suppress them without much difficulty. Move to the most secluded place in area 11, and a conversation event with the 
Trouper tribe occurs, giving you the 4-star quest “Troubles Troupers”.

You need to hunt 2 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, and the reward is the Palico equipment called Coral Orchestra which resembles a hunting horn. It increases attack or defense, provides resistance to status effects, and it becomes more proficient as the level of skill increases.

You can find it easily by looking at the map, you will need to go around a mountain path


Rotten Vale - Plunderblade

Quest type: Luring

Effect: Palico retrieves more items from an attacked monster

Required items: 1 raw meat

Take 1 
raw meat with you before beginning the Grimalkyne event in the Rotten Vale. Talk to the Felyne veteran scholar in area 13, the lowest area of the Rotten Vale, and you will see the scholar once again in area 15. A Grimalkyne from the Plunderer tribe who was next to the scholar starts running away when you begin a conversation, and if you keep chasing him via the scoutflies, you will see him running to the area of the map that you can’t enter. You then need to listen to Palico’s advice and back away from the area for a moment.

Being further away doesn’t bring back the Grimalkyne, and Palico advises you one more time if you reach the end of the area where the Grimalkyne ran off. As advised, you leave raw meat around the area by the square button. You will have to stay in a further area where the meat can be seen, and then you will see the adorable Grimalkyne with his peers return and enjoy the meat.

Palico then says he will try to talk to him, and interaction with the tribe becomes available after their conversation. You then obtain the 
Plunderblade which plunders items from an attacked monster. The number of items increases as the skill level increases.

The Felyne scholar is marked on the map, and there’s also a camp nearby


Elder’s Recess - Meowlotov Cocktail

Quest type: investigation + infiltration

Effect: Palico throws a bomb at the monster and deals damage

Additional benefit: access to the secret path in the Elder Recess

After completing all Grimalkyne quests, you can receive a Gajalaka-related quest from the Felyne veteran scholar at the campsite. The scholar asks you to gather 10 of Gajalaka’s traces, which can be collected near the Gajalaka site. However, this will not suffice and you will need to search the area for the rest, and there’s an area where your Palico detects the smell of Gajalaka. Upon searching, that area will give 3 to 4 traces at maximum. The items do not respawn even after you end the investigation and return to the same area from the starting point, so you need to look at other areas.

There is a place where Grimalkynes are gathered near the camp in the Ancient Forest, and you can find traces to the left of a cross in the cross-shaped cave no. 5 in the Wildspire Waste. In the Coral Highlands, you can find more traces on a wall and on the ground where Grimalkynes are gathered to the left of the northeast camp. Although the number of traces is different for each player, it won’t be that difficult to gather all 10 by visiting these areas.

When you return to the scholar with the gathered items, he says, “It is confirmed that Grimalkynes have an assembly every night in the Elder’s Recess.” You then need to move to the Elder’s Recess, wait until night comes, speak to the scholar near the camp in area 8, and move to the Grimalkynes’ secret assembly spot.

Although the scholar advises you to sneak in, the quest isn’t failed even if you get spotted, so you can suppress Grimalkynes on the way instead. Upon arriving at the assembly spot, you can enter by pressing the circle button on the pad, speak to a Grimalkyne and obtain the 
Meowlotov Cocktail, along with access to Grimalkyne’s secret path.


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