Faker sweeps the 2016 KeSPA eSports Awards


SKT T1's midlaner Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee won a total four awards yesterday at the 2016 KeSPA eSports Awards ceremony, including the Grand Award, a prize he also won last year.

The KeSPA eSports Awards is an annual event to honor eSports players, team managers, sponsors, and stakeholders who contributed to the development of the Korean eSports ecosystem and its international competitivity. The winners were decided by a team of judges from eSports associations, academics, and team representatives. eSports journalists, players, and game companies also participated in the voting process to make it a fair decision.

There were a total of 26 awards in 18 categories. In addition to those prizes awarded by the panel, fans were each given a chance to vote for their favorite players in League of Legends and StarCraft 2: the eight Popularity Awards were given to five LoL players and three SC2 players.

Here is the list of winners from the 2016 Korean eSports Awards.


Special Awards

Achievement Award:
Adidas Korea

Best Overseas Activity of the Year Award:
MVP Phoenix (Team)
Sunwoo "Infiltration" Lee (Player)
CrossFire (Game)

Special Award:
2016 Proleague Coaches (all 7)
Intel Korea


Main Awards

Sudden Attack Best Player Award: Seongtae Kim (Xenics Storm)
Kart Rider Best Player Award: Younghyuk Yoo
FIFA Online 3 Best Player Award: Jeongmin Kim (Seongnam FC)
Heroes of the Storm Best Team Award: MVP Black
Hearthstone Best Player Award: Ilmook "handsomeguy" Kang
StarCraft 2 Best Player Award: Hyunwoo "ByuN" Byun
League of Legends Best Player Award: Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee

StarCraft 2 Best Leadership Award: Jihoon Cha (Jin Air Green Wings)
League of Legends Best Leadership Award: Byunghoon "L.i.E.S" Choi (SK Telecom T1)

eSports Team of the Year Award: SK Telecom T1 (LoL)
eSports Game of the Year Award: League of Legends (Riot Games)
eSports Local Government of the Year Award: Gyeonggi Content Agency


Popularity Awards

League of Legends:
Kyungho "Smeb" Song,
Seongung "Bengi" Bae,
Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee,
Junsik "Bang" Bae,
Jaewan "Wolf" Lee

StarCraft 2:
Taeyang "TY" Jeon,
Ryungwoo "Dark" Park,
Hyunwoo "ByuN" Byun


Grand Award

eSports Award of the Year: Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee


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