Japan's LoL League Team, Pentagram, Severely Penalized for Threatening Their Players

LJL's professional gaming team, Pentagram, was penalized by Riot Games.

On the 5th, Japan's League of Legends league, LJL, made an announcement. The announcement was in regards to the disciplinary action that was taken against Pentagram and the members of the team's parent company's agency Nakamura Hiroki, Fujita Takuya, Jeon "Dara" Jung-hoon, and Lee "Tussel" Moon-yong.

LJL penalized Pentagram by having them automatically forfeit every game up to week 5 - which covers the entirety of 'round 1'. Nakamura and Fujita received a ban from attending any Riot-hosted events and were also prohibited from affecting the team in any way during the Spring Split. As for Dara and Tussel, they were given a verbal warning.

The reasons for their penalty were also covered in detail. In December of 2017, Fujita took away Dara's residence card. He also put forth major efforts so that Dara couldn't join another team, interfering through different methods.

Pentagram had taken similar actions with Tussel. As a result, Dara and Tussel had both broken Japan's positive law. The team owner, Nakamura Hiroki not only aided Fujita in his actions but protected him as well.

After LJL's announcement, Pentagram made an apology post through their SNS. "The penalty given by Riot Games is very heavy, but we'll receive it in a serious manner and prevent such things from happening ever again," they said.

In addition, Pentagram explained the situation of the "accusation of threatening Tussel-Dara" by stating that it was just a communication error. They said that they were temporarily holding onto Dara's residence card while they were waiting for confirmation from the immigration office. As for Tussel, they explained that they never had his residence card to begin with.

In his defense, Dara made a post on his SNS. "He didn't "temporarily" hold onto our cards. I heard him say, 'if you don't leave your card here, you can't leave the team.'" Dara then further explained that he heard Fujita say, "this residence card is the property of the team," and that Fujita took away his card right after. Tussel didn't make a post explaining the situation, but he did retweet Dara's post.

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