Haru on Rengar-Nidalee Matchup: "If Rengar applies pressure in the early-game, he can win with ease"

Against bbq Olivers, KSV pulled off a reverse sweep and added another win to their record. In game 1, KSV was caught off-guard and lost - mostly due to BBQ's counter jungling. But from game 2, KSV managed to even out the score. With another convincing victory in game 3, KSV took the series.

After the match, Haru who has shown great performance on Rengar was invited for an interview with the casters.

You've won both MVP titles yet again! Please tell us how you feel.

I was very nervous when playing. But I maintained focus, and I think that's how we won.

KSV lost game 1. What kind of feedback went back and forth before you were subbed in?

I was ordered to play aggressively - to make plays that'll give our team the lead.

Your enemy jungler was bono. Did you have that in the back of your mind while playing?

I didn't think too much of him. But when I met him in game, he was quite good... he was really good, actually. 

The fight in the jungle was quite amazing. Please tell us about the Rengar-Nidalee jungle matchup.

If Rengar is able to apply pressure in the early-game, you can win with ease.

In game 2, Blitzcrank appeared. Your team was having a hard time playing against it. 

He was really good with the hooks... I wasn't having any problems with it, but my teammates were.

The supports were fighting it out! I thought it was a support-support competition. 

CoreJJ is really good at eating (Tahm Kench).

But I thought CuVee was the best at that.

In real life, CuVee eats well, but in-game, CoreJJ does it the best. 

In game 3, the jungle ganks from both sides in the early-game was insane. KSV started from being behind...

Nidalee started blue and went up. But for some reason, she came back down almost immediately. I couldn't read her jungle route. I think she skipped Grump...

CuVee seems to play a lot of defensive picks nowadays. In games 1 and 2, he was basically a punching bag for the enemy. But in game 3... What kind of feedback went back and forth before game 3?

To show diversity, CuVee got Camille in game 3 - since it's not the best to show him getting beat every single time (tanks).

Crown played Zoe in a very annoying way for the enemy during sieges. 

Crown told us to play it in that way. "I'll poke," he said. That's why we played like that.

As a professional player, what is your opinion of Zoe?

If she scales like she would normally, she's very overpowered. If she's fed, even worse. If she's behind, however, she's not that threatening.

Any final words?

The weather has gotten really cold today. I want to thank all the fans who came to watch. The last series I played, I lost both sets... I'll show better performance in the next games.

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