SSG World Championship Skins are Being Created - Second Championship Skins for Jarvan IV and Ezreal

KSV (Former SSG) top laner CuVee listed the champions for 2017 World Championship skins on his personal stream. At the last Worlds, SSG defeated SKT T1 3-0 to become the world champions and gained the authority to request championship skins.

CuVee revealed the list of champions that the six players selected. The list is as follows:

CuVee: Gnar
Ambition: Jarvan IV
Haru: Ezreal (Played in jungle once)
Crown: Taliyah
Ruler: Xaya
CoreJJ: Rakan

On this topic, Riot Games said that CuVee’s list is correct, the skins are being created, and the six players of KSV have visited the office to shoot the motions for the recall animations.

The fact that Jarvan IV and Ezreal was chosen caught the attention of quite a few fans, as Jarvan IV already has a championship skin from Fnatic in season 1 and Ezreal has a championship skin from TPA in season 2. They will become the first champions to have two championship skins. Riot Games said that there are no limits when selecting champions, and that the same champion can be selected again.

The championship skins are to be released in the summer, as usual. CuVee said in his stream that he thinks the Gnar and Ezreal skins will be popular.

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