KZ GorillA on Khan's Riven: "He wasn't that confident... we might see him playing Riven more often."

Despite their rocky start, this team is rising at a rapid pace. They are on a winning streak in the chaotic LCK; they are none other than Kingzone DragonX. It is once again time to ask professional gamers small and petty questions. Today, we spoke with the mother(?) and support of Kingzone DragonX, Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon.

From Janna support, to Miss Fortune support, and even tank support. Within the rapidly changing meta, GorillA has been delivering steady performance. In addition to supporting them in-game, he’s known for caring for his teammates in everyday life as well. He is a pillar for his team in all situations.

Q. You’re on a winning streak after winning today (Jan. 31st, KST), how do you feel?

I think the LCK is in chaos. Of all the seasons I’ve played, this season is the most balanced in all teams. I think it’s a relief that we’re placed first in that chaos. I want to continue our winning streak and remain in first place.

Q. Damage supports were the main meta until the KeSPA Cup, but now they’ve almost disappeared and now it’s a tank support meta. Which do you prefer?

Frankly, it’s fun playing damage support, but my mind is more at ease when I play tank support. I think there will be more diverse types of supports appearing with the upcoming updates.

Q. Supports are now selecting Unsealed Spellbook over Aftershock. What benefits do supports get from Unsealed Spellbook?

With Unsealed Spellbook, laners use Ignite to cover the deficient damage, but at the bottom lane, it’s a tank vs tank fight so there’s not many one-sided fights or solo kills. I think that’s why people prefer Unsealed Spellbook. It’s good for a support player because they can change Ignite to Teleport and help other lanes.

Q. Your roaming and quick backup was impressive in the match today. Were there calls for help from your team?

Sometimes I tell them that I’m going. At other times, my teammates ask me if I can cover them while they do something. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes I ask, ‘I can go now, can you do it?’ and stuff like that. I don’t do it alone, the whole team makes those calls.

Q. Today, Khan’s Riven pick was a big issue. How did you feel?

Dong-ha (Khan) is really good at Riven, but he wasn’t that confident. So we all encouraged him saying “Go play Riven, we know you’re good.” Now that he got a penta-kill, we might see him playing Riven more often. (Q. So the team wasn’t dead set against him playing Riven?) No, we weren’t (Laughs).

Q. Many fans are saying that you’ve gotten more handsome this season. What’s your secret?

It’s been 5 years since my debut, and I was thinking that I didn’t look after myself enough. My goal for this year is to become cooler. I want to become a better (looking) player on the outside and the inside. There’s no secret; I just try to eat less.

For good skin care, it’s important to sleep well. Kingzone is known to be noisy until late in the night. Is it alright?

Well, I’ve been here for a while, so I’m used to it. We put on make-up for broadcasting so I don’t put too much focus on it.

Q. Lastly, can you give us a comment on the upcoming match?

Our next match is against Kongdoo Monster. Recently, they’re performing quite well, so we need to be careful. We’ll prepare well and deliver good performance, thank you.


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