TL Olleh "Doublelift is a far better person than what most people see in the media."


“I am the first ever Korean support to be playing with Peter in the bot lane. It is an extreme honor for me. I think I am giving him the taste of something he hasn't experienced before. A true kimchi support (laughs).”

Team Liquid’s support, Olleh, discussed a lot about his AD carry, Doublelift. Newly put together, Olleh seemed to have a lot of things he wanted to talk about in regards to the most popular ADC in NA.

“To be honest before I joined Team Liquid, I heard some comments about Peter. Such as him not using his Flash… However actually playing and laning with him, I was extremely surprised about what I realized from Peter. Peter focuses in detail more about the game then I have ever have up to this point. For example, he would explain to me exactly how to proc the Targon stacks in the most efficient way possible.

I think Peter compliments really well with me. When I was rank 1 in solo queue last year, I met Doublelift a couple of times. Even though we didn’t communicate with each other in game, Peter would react immediately to even my slightest movements. That was when I felt it. I thought to myself, ‘This guy looks at the same openings of engagement as me’. In the bot lane if one person reacts even slightly slower than the other, you can lose fights you are supposed to win. Since we can talk to one another and listen to each other’s opinions, these sorts of problems have definitely diminished.”

Olleh and Doublelift are currently showing the best performances and synergy as a bot lane in the NA LCS. Up to the 2nd week of the LCS with 4 games under his belt, Doublelift has scored a 18.00 KDA. Doublelift’s impressive KDA puts him as the highest KDA amongst other LCS AD carries. On the other hand with a 7.00 KDA, Olleh is constantly uplifting his team through his ability to engage effectively. When Echo Fox’s ADC, Altec, was asked which bot lane he found the most terrifying, he pointed his finger towards the ‘Doublelift-Olleh’ duo.

Olleh did not hold back on his compliments towards Doublelift. More so than the feeling of matching well with each other, Olleh states that he has learnt and is still learning a lot from Doublelift.

“Rather than me saying we match well together, I’m just learning a lot from Peter. Although we only have 1-2 years of difference regarding experience, Peter has more international experience and is a player that is respected/acknowledged by everyone. I am trying my best to follow not how I think but how Peter thinks. This way of thought contributes a substantial amount into my performance.

Peter wants to perfect his execution on macro as an AD carry. For me instead of macro, I tend to focus on how to position and how to use my skills more effectively when a fight breaks out. Because we are both giving feedback on two different areas of the game, I think we gain a more substantial level of synergy.”

When word came out that Doublelift and Olleh were laning together before the start of the League, there were not that many people who would have thought Doublelift and Olleh would have shown such a developed level of synergy. Doublelift is a player who has shown incredible mechanical prowess but no doubt made a few mistakes along the way. Olleh, on the other hand, had not yet been able to reach the spotlight. He only just started to gain recognition when he joined Immortals last year.

On top of all this, it seemed like their personalities were at polar opposites as well. The always confident and trash talking Doublelift alongside the modest, in some ways timid, Olleh. Having to move as one unit but being at odds against each other, it is even more outstanding the performance Doublelift and Olleh have shown up to now.

“To be honest, I get hurt sometimes from what Peter says. From time to time, Peter would sharply criticize on my plays. Not joking at all, he would swear at me in a very serious manner. When I get really shocked and say ‘How could you say that to me’, he would laugh and say he was joking. I don’t even...

I don’t know if it is because I am inexperienced in American culture, but people have told me there is an American style of joking. This is why when Pobelter or Xmithie realizes when Peter is joking, they don’t even listen. Since I take whatever Peter says very sincerely, I don’t know when he is joking or when he is serious (laughs).

Regardless, Peter is a far better person than what most people see in the media. I learned from Peter that I need to talk what is on my mind and disregard what other people might think. Peter had a strong conviction when he told me, ‘You need to live your own life. Why are you trying to match your life with other people?’. I used to be a very passive person while trying to match with others. Now that I have gained inspiration from Peter, I am living out my own life and being a more active person.

With Peter and my team, I think we can at least make it to the playoffs. Right now, we are all thinking of winning the NA LCS. Peter says that us winning the NA LCS is definite. However, I want to be more ambitious than this. I want our team to be able to play well in international stages as well.”

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    Let's goOoooo Olleh Doublelift! Thanks for the interview or translation!

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