KZ Peanut on Khan: "He's not what he may seem like... he heeds his teammates' words and often thinks alone"

On the 31st, on the 1st series of the 12th day of the 2018 LCK, Kingzone DragonX took down ROX Tigers with a score of 2-0. Peanut's Nidalee constantly planted wards to provide vision for his team - as well as limiting his opponents' movement. In game 2, Peanut picked Khazix and made many aggressive and impressive plays.

The following is Peanut's interview.

Your team has secured its 4th consecutive win. How do you feel?

As of right now, every game is important. I'm glad we were able to take a clean game.

We're still early on in the season, but your team is already competing against KSV for the 1st place spot. How does it feel now that you've taken it away from KSV?

We want to reach the Finals after being placed 1st in the regular season. After reaching the Finals with a 5-win streak, we want to make good results and make it to MSI as well. That's why I find every single game important.

You seem to enjoy playing Nidalee. How would you rate your performance today?

Personally, I think I played her well. I'm satisfied with having provided great vision for the team. The gold differential between me and the enemy jungler was probably very large. 

What are Nidalee's strengths as a champion?

First of all, her jungling is very fast. And until the next patch, being allowed to purchase the gold-income item is a big plus for her. Also, she's almost the only viable AP jungler, and that's why she is  an okay champion at the moment. 

Are you disappointed that you couldn't receive the MVP title? 

Currently, I'm not too greedy about taking MVP titles. Everyone in my team is doing great, so I'm fine.

You are playing with Khan, who is both bright and cheery - more than you. How is it working with him as a team?

Both Khan and I are cheery, but we both become very serious when preparing for a match. Also, unlike what he may seem like on the outside, he heeds his teammates' words and often thinks alone.

Your next opponent is Kongdoo Monsters. What kind of a series are you expecting?

Our game against KDM is also very important. Their playstyle is similar to that of the ROX Tigers, so we'll have to think again about what we'll pick and ban during the series. 

Any last words?

The weather is very cold nowadays, so please be careful. Don't catch a cold!

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