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C9 Svenskeren Explains Why Reapered Is The Coach He Respects The Most.



Meeting with the former TSM jungler, Svenskeren seemed content and happy on the direction his team was going. Svenskeren explained that his coach, Reapered, was a coach like no other. Curious on how Svenskeren would react to questions about his former team, Svenskeren gave true insight on his transition from TSM to Cloud 9 with a touch of ease and freedom.

“I think one of the biggest reasons why fitting into Cloud 9 was so easy is because of how the team is run. For example, Sneaky, who has been on the team for so long, has enforced a very positive team atmosphere. He really fights for player rights. Because of this, we are allowed a lot of freedom. This makes it easier to fit in because everything is less strict. I also had an ease getting along with the coach. I believe in my former teams, I have never had a player coach. Since Reapered was a pro player himself, Reapered is really good at knowing what a pro player should be doing. He is super smart about the game. Reapered always knows exactly why we lost. It has been a pretty nice experience so far.”

Last week, C9 Reapered, player coach, commented that his goal was to make Svenskeren play smart. It seems that Reapered followed through on that goal as Svenskeren played not only a good game but also an intelligent game at that. In order for a team to excel, the communication or in other words the ‘synergy’ of a coach and his/her players is to the utmost importance. The respect alongside the overall thoughts of a coach is crucial.

“Yeah he did (laughs). I think Reapered always tries to make everyone play smarter. He is just so intelligent about the game. I never felt that my old coaches could teach me how to play the game. I didn’t have as much respect compared to my old coaches as I do for Reapered because everytime he opens his mouth something useful comes out. He always knows what we should have done. Reapered never gets mad as well since he understands why he did not do what we needed to do.

Reapered is definitely calm and collected. However, he does know when to get mad. If we start to fool around too much, he would put his foot down. Just to show we should stop fooling around too much. Reapered doesn’t get mad too often so that is super nice.”

Svenskeren agrees to Reapered’s comment of Svenskeren being a ‘punch first ask questions later’ type of jungler. Transitioning from TSM to C9, Svenskeren commented on the ease of it but also commented on the different style of play TSM had wanted Sven to play compared to that of C9.

“I have always been a jungler that plays off instinct. It always just feels like the right thing to go for. In TSM, it was a lot of the opposite. TSM only wanted me to do calculated plays. However in C9, I am allowed to do whatever I want. As I said before, Reapered is trying to make us play smart. However, there is more breathing room. I can ask for conditions. For example if I want to go for an invade, I would ask my laners if it is possible. If my laners back me up, I can go in.”

The playstyle, coaching staff, and teammates were not the only things that changed for Svenskeren moving teams. Fans have been more fond and vocal of Svenskeren on C9 compared to when he was on TSM. Svenskeren explains that TSM has equally a lot of supporters and haters while C9 has a consistent well rounded supporting fan base.

“For me, it is kind of a weird situation. This is because, TSM has a lot more fans. However, they also have a lot of people that hate on TSM. When I was on TSM, I felt like there were a lot more mean comments compared to the good ones. At least to me, the mean comments affect me more than nice comments. Joining into C9, a lot of fans understood my situation and kept supporting me. It really means a lot, and I am so happy about that.”

Now well adjusted into Cloud 9, Svenskeren discussed his thoughts on his teammates, more specifically Licorice, as well as his closest friends in the organization. When asked about who he was most close to in C9 and about Licorice, Svenskeren explained that he and Jensen had history together and that Licorice is a humble upcoming talent.


I feel like I would probably choose Jensen because we are both Danish. I had a lot of experience with him before. He was with me when I was in SK Gaming. He was my coach back then. I have always known him since season 1 and season 2. I always chatted with him, and we have a pretty good connection. Me and Jensen can always talk about the game in an intelligent manner with no feelings attached. I don’t feel like I have this connection with all of my other teammates. I tell him what he should have done, and he tells me what I should have done. But yeah, me and Jensen are pretty close.

Secondly, I think Licorice has a lot of talent. When he was playing in the Challenger Series, I think it is really hard for him to shine if he has 4 bad teammates. No matter how well you play, you can never win if you have 4 really bad teammates. I am really happy he is my top laner now. He is super humble. Licorice doesn’t really have an ego, so he is super eager to improve. He has some bad games from time to time, but a majority are good games.”

Svenskeren’s fan base has not only changed but has also grown since his move from TSM to C9. With the spotlight of transition finally settling, Svenskeren is now fully known and recognized as a Cloud 9 player. Svenskeren shares his wishes and thanks to his fans that have supported him since the TSM days and also to the new C9 fans.

“I want to thank all the fans who moved from TSM to C9 when I made the jump. I also want to thank all the C9 fans for being so supportive and friendly in general. Even if we have a bad game, the fans tend to look at the positives and not only the negatives. I hope they keep doing what they do and keep supporting the team.”



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    level 1 Michelle_Proulx


    Great article! However, in the first sentence I think you meant "content", not "contempt", lol. "Meeting with the former TSM jungler, Svenskeren seemed {{contempt}} and happy on the direction his team was going."

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      level 1 Bick


      Thanks Michelle for liking the article and the feedback! We have already changed it :)

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