KSV Haru: "There were many champions that can counter Kha’zix, so I wasn’t afraid."

KSV remained 1st in the leaderboard with a 3 game win streak.

On the 25th of January (KST), at the 2018 LCK Spring split, KSV defeated Afreeca Freecs after a long match that continued after midnight with a set score of 2:1.

In game 1, Afreeca concentrated their bans on Ambition and drew their victory with Kiin’s Gnar and Kuro’s Zoe. However, KSV jungler Haru was playing in game 2 and led the team with Jax. The HP of their nexus went down to 31, but somehow stopped Afreeca to make an unbelievable comeback and clenched the victory in a game that went over 70 minutes. In game 3, KSV’s picks were champions that were disadvantageous in the early game, but Haru’s signature pick Rengar picked up a triple-kill and came out on top.

The following is the interview with Haru which was hosted by OGN.


Q. You’re 3W 0L now, how do you feel?

Game 2 was really hard, but after winning that game, my nervousness went away, and I’m very happy to have won.

Q. You watched KSV lose game 1, did you have any specific instructions?

I was told to play more aggressively than defensively.

Q. There were many jungle bans, wasn’t that frustrating?

I played a lot of champions during practice, so I wasn’t frustrated. I had many champions ready.

Q. Were there any other picks that you could have chose other than Jax?

There was Jarvan and Jax left; I think Jax was the best pick in that situation.

Q. What did your team say while you were trailing in game 2?

We were trailing since the early game, and while we held out to the late game, the opponents weren’t able to break our defense. We said that we need to concentrate on our play and I think that was the most important.

Q. CuVee and Crown played Gnar and Zoe which was the opponent’s pick. Was that intended?

Everything was prepared. It was no problem.

Q. At the end of game 2, how was it? Did you know the nexus had 31 left?

I told the teammates that if they can block the top part, I can block the bottom no matter what. I said that I can get Ezreal no matter what and they blocked the top well.

Q. In game 3, the opponent picked Kha’zix. How is Kha’zix?

At first, I thought Kha’zix was really good, and I played him a lot. While I was practicing him, I found out that there were many champions that can counter Kha’zix, so I wasn’t afraid.

Q. Do you think Rengar is a good champion?

Rengar is a good champion, but it depends on who’s playing him.

Q. Didn’t Ambition play Rengar in game 1?


Q. In game 3, you had a triple-kill at the bottom lane. Did you think that you’ll win at that moment?

The opponents overplayed, and that whole situation was somewhat familiar. I was confident at rolling the snowball and I thought that we won from that moment. The bot duo took out the enemy’s flash well and the fight was very advantageous for us.

Q. You’ve got two MVP’s today. How do you feel?

I feel really good. From the summer, I wasn’t performing well but it really feels good to win.

Q. You must have had a hard time. Which teammate helped you the most?

I had many talks with CoreJJ. We had long talks and I asked him many questions. He gave me good advice.

Q. KSV is now on an 3-game-win streak. Do you have anything to say to the fans?

It’s very late now, thank you for staying and cheering to this late time. We’ll do our best at the next match as well, please cheer for us. Thank you.

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