ROX SeongHwan: "Games get long because the players play passively at competitions."

On the 25th of January (KST), ROX Tigers defeated Kongdoo Monster in the 2018 LCK Spring Split. The two teams had a fierce battle. The match went up to game 3. Yoon “SeongHwan” Seong-hwan contributed to the team victory.

The following is the interview with SeongHwan.

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Q. Today’s match was very close. How do you feel?

I’m very glad to have won. However, we could have won 2:0. I’m regretful that we lost game 2, which we should have won.

Q. What did you talk about after losing game 2?

The head coach often says that I just move around. He said something similar, but he told us to maintain our mentality because we were doing well.

Q. How did you plan to play game 3?

We constantly talked about diving. Our combination wasn’t as good as theirs in the late game so we wanted to play quickly. We hit the objects and drew out the opponents to fight.

Q. In the recent meta, there are many long games. What do you think?

Games get long because the players play passively at competitions. Games getting long isn't because of the meta. The games get longer when there’s Sivir and Azir.

Q. Isn’t it tiring to play long games? It seems like players can lose their concentration.

It’s alright, but my back and neck hurts though. (Laughs)

Q. The jungle champions are all the same. Would there be a new champion? Do you have any champion that you like in the current meta?

I think Ivern that Trick played can appear again. I don’t know besides that. Personally, I’m confident in all the champions that are strong in the current meta.

Q. ROX Tigers upper half is clearly stronger than before. What has changed?

We went through some changes recently. Just last month, our scrim results were really bad. Our coach talked to us sternly and asked us to write what we each wanted from the team, our problems, and what we expected from the coaching staff. After that, we all had long personal talks with the coach. I think these things had us become a better team.

Q. You played against two different junglers. How were they different?

I think U Jun was nervous since it was his debut. Raise is better currently.

Q. The teamwork between top lane and jungle is good. Why is that?

We talked to each other a lot because people say that our upper half is weak. We tried hard to develop.

Q. Do you have any goals personally for this season?

I want to get to the playoffs.

Q. Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs. Are you confident?

I watched the AFS vs KZ match. I think that we can win. We don’t need to worry about the opponent, we just need to concentrate on our own play.

Q. Lastly, anything to the fans?

It feels good because of the many fans that support us. I think that I can grow because of the love I get from the fans. I’m really thankful.


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