KT Pawn: "Frost Queen's and Targon's are set to be nerfed in the next patch. League will become a clean game"

Today's interview will cover Pawn, the player that finally defeated his eternal rival, SKT T1, with a score of 2-1.

It took 'kt Rolster' 531 days. Throughout the entirety of 2017, KT couldn't defeat SKT, not even once. But in 2018, the super team, KT, returned - and finally took down the titans. The MVP of game 3, Pawn, set the foundation for KT to make their comeback - and we were able to talk with him about his victory and his resolution for the rest of the split.

The victory achieved after a 6-loss streak. KT has finally broken past that immovable wall. 

The following is an interview with KT's midlaner, Pawn.

You've finally defeated SKT! Please tell us how you feel.

In 2017, we lost to SKT 6 times in a row - we won against every team except SKT. But now, after having defeated SKT, I think we can win against anyone now.

After the match, Deft became very emotional and shed some tears.

At first, he was giving everyone high-fives and was extremely happy about it. But then, suddenly, he started crying. I was wondering why he cried, but I think it's because our team finally overcame everyone's expectations.

The 'Telecom War' is an important matchup that many fans anticipate. What kind of preparations took place for KT before the clash against SKT?

We prepared for the matchup like we would for every match. We did research on a couple of different tactics.

After the Spring Split began, some fans doubted KT's skills. They were asking if KT is still good enough to be considered a strong team. What do you think?

Those opinions appeared after we lost to Afreeca Freecs. The loss came as a  shock to us as well, but I think it was mainly because it had been a long time since we've played on stage. But after that match, we won against MVP and even SKT. Although they weren't easy wins, what matters is the results, right? I don't think the process is too important - as long as you win. 

I think we'll be fine, since we'll continue to fix our mistakes as we play. And please, I'd like it if you guys stopped considering us a weak team. (Laughs)

During the final game of the series, you displayed multiple great plays with Azir. Are you satisfied with your own performance?

During game 3, I initially thought that I would be able to take down the mid-tower early with the Azir-Vladimir matchup. But it didn't work out, and I think it was because I lacked the matchup and item [such as Frost Queen's Claim] knowledge. 

So my laning phase was pretty bad, and our team's teamfight in the bottom-lane went pretty poorly for us, but all the players in the team remained focused, and I think that's how we were able to win. 

While streaming, you've mentioned that you're most confident with assassins. But currently, the meta doesn't favor them. What is your most confident champion at the moment?

Frost Queen's and Targon's are set to be nerfed in the next patch. League of Legends will become a clean game. After the nerfs, I think assassins will have a good chance to make an appearance. I'm great with Talon, Fizz, Kassadin, Leblanc, etc... I think my time will soon come. 

While browsing LoL Inven, I read a post that said you are currently saving up for retirement. I know you said it jokingly, but the backlash from the community has been pretty harsh. 

The comment about the retirement savings was a joke. (Laughs) To be honest, as long as the fans that criticize me refrain from crossing the line, I can take them. But I can't handle those who personally attack me in ridiculous ways.

Please give a few last words for your fans!

Last year, our team constantly lost to SKT, and I'm pretty sure that our fans were very disappointed in us because of that. But we finally took them down, and broke past that wall. Please expect great things from our remaining matches in the LCK - we'll show great performance against KSV and Kingzone as well. Thank you for cheering for us. 

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