Team Liquid Coach Cain: “Despite being worried about our performance in bootcamp, Team Liquid has fixed a lot of our issues.”


Team Liquid is stepping up their game faster as the days past.

In the first games of the new season, Team Liquid has consecutively won against TSM and OpTic Gaming. In the game against TSM, Team Liquid won by taking the initial momentum and knocked them over the edge. With the game against OpTic Gaming, Liquid won their second consecutive win by consistently dominating OpTic from the mid to the late game.

Team Liquid’s head coach, Cain, said he was pleased with his most recent win.

¤ Recently, Team Liquid has shown quite a performance. Did you feel a lot of pressure because you have invested so much in the roster?

The victory against TSM was an absolute win. Our team played really well. It would be a lie if I said I wasen’t nervous or felt a lot of pressure in the first game. Because the weight of all the names on the team, there were even more expectations to meet.

Although I was nervous, I was not worried. Despite being worried about our performance in bootcamp, Team Liquid has fixed a lot of our issues. I knew we were going to win.

¤ The NA LCS has changed their format to a BO1. How do you think this will affect the teams?

Although in a strong team’s perspective BO3 might be better, I don’t think there is that much of a difference because this isn’t a tournament but a pro league. Of course, there are going to be risks of running a BO1 with picks/bans being more important. However for now, I don’t believe there is a huge difference.

Picks/bans preparation differs from each team. Every team has a different take on the meta with difference scenarios. Each team also has certain champions they prioritize as well. Because the BO1 format allows more ease is grabbing champions you want, Team Liquid is adapting to it comfortably.

¤ In Team Liquid, who has shown the best performance?

All the players have. Because every player is performing well, I am even more excited about this season. All the players have a lot of experience. Although I do see some mistakes while watching the games, our scrim results are still good. Since we are on a win streak, I am looking at the bigger picture. The goal is to reach the finals.

¤ Which team are you most worried about for the league?

It was TSM. However after winning against them, I now think C9 or CLG is the most formittable team.

¤ Your image as coach in Korea was not pleasant. Since you do have good things said about you as coach in North America, do you even more so get the feeling to prove yourself as coach?

It would be a lie if I said I did not. Although my coaching career is not as long as others, I am still learning. I want to show everyone a lot more. A majority of the coaches will have the same goal in mind. Getting good results at the World Championships. Of course, it would be nice if I could achieve my life goal by getting promising results during the mid-season.

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