KT Score: "We'll show us changing into a different, stronger team"

It's been 531 days since 'kt Rolster' had defeated 'SK Telecom T1'. As if shooting for a movie, KT pulled off a comeback and climbed to the 2nd place of the LCK leaderboards. But for either team, the match wasn't an easy one. During game 2, KT was dominantly defeated. As for game 3, KT barely bounced back after having been massively pressured by SKT.

Every single player on KT performed up to expectation - and Pawn and Deft won the MVP title for today's series. And today, the jungler of KT, Score, played his 400th game in the LCK - the first players to have achieved such a feat.

The following is an interview of KT's jungler, Score.

How do you feel after that victory?

Defeating SKT after 2 years of struggle felt really good. I've gained a lot of confidence through today's match.

You have played your 400th LCK game.

I didn't know it until I finished today's series. It's very meaningful. Also, I'm extra happy that my 400th game involved KT taking down SKT.

Your team convincingly won the 1st set, but also, lost quite easily during the 2nd. What kind of thoughts were you having before going into game 3?

Our entire team understood that there were errors in regards to our decision-making in game 2. So I was confident going into game 3. 

Your team was behind all throughout game 3. Did you think that you'd win?

I thought that our team composition was better in the mid-to-late game. We also had secured two inferno drakes, so I told the team that as long as we don't make any mistakes, we'd win. Our botlane made a big mistake during the game, but I was thinking to myself that as long as we endure the effects of the mistake in the botlane, we can win.

The start of KT's Spring Split wasn't perfect. How is the team atmosphere?

We started practicing more and have improved as a team. I think our performance will get better.

You'll be facing off against bbq Olivers in 2 days time.

Looking at the leaderboards, I think it'll be a close match. BBQ can't be seen as a weak team now. Although we don't have much time to prepare, I'd like for us to practice as much as possible and win.

Any last words?

Since last year, I often heard from people that KT was a team that was designed to take down SKT. Last year, we weren't able to, but this year, we did it. I'd really like for us to carry this momentum through the Spring Split and reach the Finals.

Our head coach, coach, and the players are constantly improving, so please believe in us and watch us. We'll show us changing into a different, stronger team.

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