KT Deft: "I became emotional today because I felt that our team broke through the limits"

The fierce and close clash between 'kt Rolster' and 'SK Telecom T1' finalized with KT taking the victory. With this victory, KT shifted the leaderboards - placing themselves higher and pushing SKT down to the 9th place. 

After the series, the two players who won the MVP title, KT's ADC, Deft, who shed tears out of happiness, and Pawn, were invited for an interview with the casters.

You face is still wet with tears! You are known as a player that barely ever changes facial expression regardless of winning or losing. What happened?

Deft: Last year, our team constantly lost... Today, I became emotional because I felt that our team broke through the limits that contained us.

The ADC and midlaner were often times considered as KT's weakness. But today, both the ADC and midlaner won the MVP title side by side. 

Pawn: We were often caught out in past games. Regarding the issue, our team gave us a lot of feedback, and I think that's why we were able to receive the MVP title today.

The KT vs. SKT series is a very important matchup. Why did you pick Galio?

Pawn: A lot of champions were banned, and Galio was a pick that I've been preparing. 

The botlane matchup was very destructive. A lot of ADC champions get banned nowadays. What're your opinions regarding the current botlane meta?

Deft: The champions that get banned are the champions that all the players are good and familiar with. But for me, even after the big wave of ADC bans, I still get left with a lot of picks that I'm comfortable with.

How's Jinx?

Deft: Jinx is a champion that I really enjoy playing. I'm also great with her. I used her a couple of times during scrims. I'll play her when we get the chance.

During game 3, all the teamfights that took place were astounding - highlight-worthy. What kind of conversations went back and forth between the players?

Pawn: In game 2, I felt like I screwed everything over for my team. So during game 3, I wanted to redeem myself by showing something different. Against Vladimir, I picked Azir. Although I initially thought that I had the advantage, things didn't go too well during the laning phase. I started doubting my skills by thinking to myself, "am I just a bad player?" But then, Smeb told me that "the laning phase doesn't matter at all," and I started focusing harder.

To the very last moment, Vladimir constantly dove into the team - towards you. As an ADC, isn't that honestly scary? Did Mata constantly stay beside you and protect you?

Deft: Mata has recently started changing up his playstyle to more of a... "protect the team" style. He's been practicing while putting emphasis on protecting. I think that's why the plays that happened today happened in the first place.

Score played his 400th game today. 

Pawn: Really? I don't think even Score knows that.

On behalf of the team, Pawn, can you give a word of thanks to Score?

Pawn: It's been about a year since Score and I have been working together as the midlaner-jungler for KT. Let's prove to the fans that we can hold our own against the other top teams or just any team in general. Let's move forward, together. 

KT is known for often going out together to eat. Deft, what do you want to eat?

Deft: I heard that we're eating beef tonight.

How do you know that already?

Pawn: The staff told us before the game that if we win, we'll eat beef, and that If we were to lose, we'll head straight back home. 

Lastly, Deft, any final words?

Deft: The weather is extremely cold nowadays, but despite the weather, thank you for coming. Our team's goal for this year was to do everything that we couldn't do last year, and I'm very happy that we were able to achieve that, one step at a time. Please cheer us on for Spring 2018 as well. Thank you.

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