JAG Teddy's Tip on Vayne: "Just tumble forward and you'll naturally dodge skillshots"

On the 2nd day of LCK's 2nd week, JAG clashed against MVP and added another win to their record. Unlike their last game, in which they broke the record for having played the longest game, JAG played more precisely and cleanly. The player that stood out the most during today's series was JAG's ADC, Teddy. In game 2, Teddy displayed fantastic usage of Vayne and led his team to victory. 

After the match, the player that won both MVP titles for games 1 and 2, was invited for an interview with the casters.


Your team is on a win-streak now. How do you feel?

Against MVP, our team lost every single game last season. I think we played well this time.

How did you prepare for today's matchup?

Because all of the players in our team have a strong laning phase, we often looked down on other teams. This time, we put in a lot more effort in our preparations.

Including today's series, Teddy, you've been playing really well. Are you confident in your own skills?

I'm not too confident in my laning phase, but I'm very confident in my teamfighting skills.

It might be because of JAG, but fans have been talking about the 'Gathering Storm' rune and how it is a must take now. How is the rune, actually?

After 10 minutes, your AD increases, and it is very efficient. When a game is drawn-out, you can actually feel your damage increase - that's why I took the rune. It's kind of like taking insurance - just in case.

During the final moment of game 1, you scored a quadra-kill. Were you aiming for a penta?

I was looking to score a penta-kill, and my team was trying to give it to me. But I misclicked and attacked the tower.

On the player-cam, the fans saw you giving Wraith a big thumbs up. 

Whenever I win, I always make that hand gesture to express how happy I am.

We thought the games today were going to be played safely. But to our surprise, Vayne appeared. Were you burdened at all when you were trusted with that champion?

I wasn't necessarily burdened - I made sure to focus though, as the team entrusted me with the pick.

While watching the game, CloudTemplar mentioned that it's actually very hard to land skillshots on Vayne during teamfights. 

If you really focus while playing Vayne, it's possible to dodge most if not all skillshots. 

There are a lot of League of Legends players that enjoy playing Vayne. Do you have any tips for them?

Tumble forward! For me, personally, I just rush in, and you naturally end up dodging skillshots. It's because as soon as you tumble forward, the enemy flinches and throws a skill at you. At that point, just juke to the left or right and dodge it. The best defense is a good offense.

Isn't that hard to actually pull off though?

That's too bad then...

Currently, you have the highest amount of MVP points. Are your teammates a bit disappointed that they aren't receiving any?

My teammates have been telling me that it's okay for me to take all the MVP titles. They said that anything is fine as long as we win.

Is there a player that you'd like to give an MVP title to?

Wraith. He's our support.

You and Wraith seem to have very good synergy.

We're very close outside of the game as well.

As a person, what is Wraith's greatest asset?

He's very handsome. Also, he's very kind.

Currently, you're being regarded as JAG's ace player. Please give us a word regarding the upcoming games.

We're currently very different from last year's Spring. This time, we'll win just as much as we had lost during last Spring.

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