[Cartoon] Depressed Assassins and Junglers - The Stopwatch Meta in the Pro Scene

Today’s cartoon is about the long games in the professional scene and about the infamous ‘Stopwatch’.

The Stopwatch rune is very popular nowadays. It didn’t draw much attention when it first appeared, but now in the official matches, it’s hard to find a match without the Stopwatch. In the pro scene, one small factor can be capitalized on to create a big result. With the 3 seconds of invulnerability the stopwatch allows, many variables were controllable, and the stopwatch itself became a variable.

Now that the laning phase is conservative, it’s hard to get high returns, the pool of champions picked and runes are now limited and geared toward the late game. Especially in the bottom lane. This has all resulted in a long game meta with champions who are strong in the late game running Targon’s Brace, Celerity, and Overheal.

The current long game meta and the Stopwatch are raising voices around the world. There are many nerf suggestions for the Stopwatch, but Riot isn’t reacting much.

There’s a Stopwatch in many pro gamer's pocket, but what do you think about the Stopwatch?

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