ROX Lindarang: "Sivir is good, but we aim for rolling the snowball."

On the 23rd of January, ROX Tigers came back from their loss in game 1 and collected a victory against bbq Olivers. With Heo “Lindarang” Man-heung, and Yoon “SeongHwan” Seong-hwan delivered steady performance to lead the team victory.

Below is the interview with Lindarang.

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Q. It’s your first victory this season. How do you feel?

Today was an important match, and I’m happy that we won. It was thrilling because we won after losing the first set.

Q. What do you think about today’s match?

In scrims and practice, we did well, but in game 1, something went wrong. It’s a relief that we had good results in game 2 and 3.

Q. Why did you pick Vladimir and Galio again after losing in game 1?

We practiced a lot with that combination, and we believed that it was good. In game 1, bbq picked champions that were able to react more conveniently to our picks. We thought that if we banned those champions, we will be able to win.

Q. We heard the team atmosphere was really bad, but you delivered good performance. What changed?

As SeongHwan said, 2 weeks ago, our scrim results were really bad. Everybody was depressed, but our coach changed our mindsets. We let go of everything and practiced thinking that we’ll be learning from our opponents. I think that was effective.

Q. You’re still considered as underdogs. What’s your goal for this season?

As a team, getting to the postseason, and personally, making less mistakes and becoming an top laner who can carry the team.

Q. Recently, playing the late game using Sivir is getting many comments. Does that go well with the team color?

During the time we were having bad scrim results, we suffered to opponents’ Sivir. I think because Sangyoon is good with Sivir, if we play that more, the results will be better. Still, we aim for rolling the snowball and ending the game asap.

Q. The next match is the dark horse of this season, Kongdoo Monsters. How do you think it will go?

Kongdoo Monsters have really improved this season. So we’ll stay tense to clench the victory.

Q. There are people that suspect the performance of you and SeongHwan.

I felt sorry because of my unstable performance before. I’m doing my best to improve; I’ll be showing by performance rather than words

Q. Lastly, to the fans?

We’ll be delivering better performance so please continue supporting us.

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