KZ Khan: "The problem isn’t Jayce, it’s your fingers. Go and practice!"

The first match of LCK week 2. KZ defeated Afreeca 2:0 and added a win. While in the first week, the longest match record was renewed, and most matches took a long time, but today’s match was quick.

Today’s MVP was Kim “Khan” Dong-ha, who wasn’t able to play last week. Khan played Jayce, which isn’t picked much nowadays in the professional scene, and led the team to victory. After the match, the best players of the match, Khan and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan were interviewed.

※Some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.


Q. You weren’t able to play in the last match. Did you unleash everything you had inside you?

Khan: Rascal is also a good player. With the last match, our teamwork wasn’t good enough, and the situation didn’t go well for our team. That’s why we lost. We’ll be delivering good performance from now on.

Q. Did your new hairstyle help your performance?

K: Since I’ve gone through a drastic change on the outside, I also changed in the inside. I became more calm. I’ll be always trying hard to show you good things only, so please don’t judge me from my previous actions.

Q. It’s the first game this season for Cuzz. Now with Peanut, you have to compete within your team. How is it?

Cuzz: It may not seem like it, but it’s good for me. I can learn many things from Peanut. I think I was able to show today what I’ve learned. Since I have to compete within the team constantly, I always have to strive to do better. (Q. What did you learn from Peanut?) I learned to play more steady and I learned more about the jungler’s role.

Q. The synergy with top and the jungle was good. What do you think?

K: Today, not only top and jungle was good, but the whole team was good. There’s no point in discussing it in words, so we’ll be showing it to you by delivering good performance in future games.

Q. Jayce hasn’t been in the pro scene for a while, but you still picked him.

K: Jayce isn’t as good as before, that’s for sure, but my skills became better, that’s why I was able to play well today.

I personally requested the team that I wanted to play Jayce during practice. The team trusted me and had me play Jayce, and I think that’s why today’s results were good. I’m trying hard to deliver good performance not only with Jayce, but with tank champions as well.

Q. Do you have anything to say to the fans that don’t like Jayce?

K: The problem isn’t Jayce, it’s your fingers. Go and practice!

Q. Cuzz had your first chance today. Did it go as planned?

C: I wanted to play aggressively, and I was able to. Everything just went well. I can do other things well, too. I want to show that I can do well both as a tank and aggressive champions.

Q. Fans expect a lot from Kingzone, do you have something to say to them?

K: When we’re advantageous, we’ll be finishing the game quickly, like today, and in unfavorable situations, we’ll do our best to keep our concentration and try to make a comeback. Thank you.

C: We will try hard to deliver good performance in our style.



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