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Flyquest Flame on match against Huni, "I should have just accepted my jungler’s help."



On the 21st of January (PST), Flyquest won against TSM. Flame played Gnar and showed a good performance during the game. After the match, Flame said that he slept 6 a.m last night to find the reason for defeat and overall it. 

The following is the interview with Flame.


¤ How was the game today? Did you expect to win against TSM?

I knew we were going to win against TSM. I think didn't consider the opponent's pick and performance enough, because I won most of scrims regardless of any pick and opponents. That's the reason why I lost last game. 

¤ I think The defeat of the last game is still in my mind. 

Oh yeah of course. I slept at 6 am yesterday night. It doesn’t really affect me if I sleep a lot or not at all. I just had a lot of time to think about today’s game and follow that through to my teammates. I think this is the reason why we did so well today. It seemed like the overall vibe and game shot-calling was completely different compared to that of yesterday.

¤ What did you think about before you went to sleep?

I thought about why we lost our first game and my own mistakes. Normally in scrims even if we are behind like we were in the first game, we would always come back. I realized that I need to play in the mindset that the opponent can play well as well. I also realized that I need to play well for not only my lane but also my team in order to win. Usually, I never rest in my offseason. However, this offseason I barely practiced at all. Because of this, I think I will need some time to adjust to everything.

¤ What do you mean by “I knew we were going to win against TSM”?

I don’t mean by saying ‘Oh we are going to win 100%’ but more so ‘I think we are going to win’.

¤ First of all, TSM has big weight to its name. What made you believe you guys had a good chance of winning against them?

I put faith in my teammates. I knew if we didn’t make any mistakes, we would have a good chance of winning. Although most of our roster is new players, the new players are still very talented.

¤ So would you say that the overall team atmosphere is good?

The overall team atmosphere is good regardless of whether we lose or win. I don’t know if it is because my team has new and friendly players, but we rarely have any moments where we fight or when the atmosphere is bad. I think this is because no matter the outcome, the result we gain is always useful. I would say that in a year’s time, I could see my team going places.

¤ Do you think you let out the regret you had from yesterday’s game in today’s game?

I wasn’t necessarily tilted but more so thinking about how and why I lost the game. We watched the replay of the game multiple times and discussed it with the team. It is always hard reviewing games that you have lost your team. However, after yesterday’s game, I could feel the urge to improve no matter what discomfort. Because I had a more laid back attitude before, I now realized I needed to try my very best after the loss of the first game.

¤ This might be a very fun question or a BM one. What did you think about Huni’s top lane Lucian pick? Did you think it was a good pick or a bad pick?

Putting into consideration Lucian top from the first game, I was actually doing fairly well in lane against him. The regret I have is that I should have used my jungle better. My jungle said he was coming top, but I told him not to come. This is because I was doing fine early by myself. I should have just accepted my jungler’s help. I think if I used my jungler better, we would have won the first game as well.

¤ How far do you think your team could go?

I believe that we can win this NA LCS season and make it to Worlds. I really want to go to Worlds. Looking at a one year standpoint, there will be a lot of up and down moments. I think it will be crucial to take care of each other’s condition throughout the season.

¤ How was TSM today?

I think individually they are all good players. However, It almost felt like they were just waiting for the opponent to make a mistake. They were just waiting for us to make a move.

¤ In your team, who are you looking forward to the most this season?

I think it would have to be Fly and Keane. Putting being a player aside, Fly really knows a lot about the game. Fly plays the game safe which makes me feel comfortable when I play with him. Also, WildTurtle has a lot of experience. From what I have heard, he always shows up when it matters the most. I regard my jungle and support the same. Although they both have not a lot of experience, they are always open to feedback and try their best. As long as they have good players and coaching staff around them, I think they could easily absorb the helpful feedback and perform well.

¤ I want to talk about Fly and Keane for a bit. Why is Keane starting as the mid laner and not Fly?

Keane is playing because Fly has a visa problem. Because of this, Fly cannot play with us until the 2nd week of the NA LCS. This is why Keane is covering for us. We are very thankful that Keane is subbing in for us. He is playing well and matches well with the team also.

¤ What are your personal goals for this season?

I just want to win and make it to Worlds. Not just looking at this year, I want to win the World Championships in the next 3 years.

¤ It has been 6 years since you started your professional career. Do you still consider yourself as one of the best top laners in the world?

In the last few years, I did consider myself to be one of the best top laners in the world. As you may know, the meta changes and so does an individual’s performance when adapting to it. Recently, I haven’t been doing as much practice and my champion pool is not as good as it used to be. I was a bit disappointed in myself for not performing as I wanted. During this year, I am confident I can get back to being one of the best top laners in the world.

¤ Is there any last words you want to say to your fans?

I really want to go and win at Worlds in the next 3 years. I would appreciate it a lot if my Korean fans would constantly support me. Because I have been in the NA LCS for 2 years now, I can tell that my Korean fanship has dropped a little. Please keep watching and supporting me!


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