C9 Reapered: “I’ll teach Svenskeren how to play smart.”

Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu talked about his thoughts on the new jungler, Svenskeren.

On the 20th of January (PST), C9 won against CLG. C9 had a hard time against Reignover’s Rengar during the early game, but they overcame the difficult situations and came out on top at the end. Reapered said that Svenskeren was a jungler who was instinctive and that he wanted to lead him to become world class.

The following is the interview with Reapered.


Q. How was today’s match?

It wasn’t steady in the early game, but we were able to win because our combination was good.

Q. Svenskeren said that you won because of the pick & ban, do you agree?

Yes. Malzahar is a champion who has a good win rate worldwide, so we prepared a lot against him. In the last match, they had Rengar as well, so I thought we can win. Reignover’s play was very sharp in some situations, but Rengar had to play against Braum and Sejuani, so it must have been difficult to play against.

Q. How did you feel after forming this season’s roster?

We let go of the players that left, because we couldn’t help it, and I thought to have a good time with the new players. I was worried about Svenskeren because he wasn’t very good at last Worlds, but everybody had a bright mind and enjoyed playing. Our team has an enjoyable mindset so practice is fun also.

Q. What kind of player is Svenskeren?

He’s a player who’s good when he needs to be aggressive. However, he sometimes gets frustrated when the team wants him to do many things, and when he needs to make smart plays. I think he was a bit overloaded at the last Worlds. He’s a very predatory jungler. His play is instinctive and sharp.

Q. What do you want to teach Svenskeren?

Well, first of all, I want to teach him to play smart.

Q. That could mean that he plays without thinking?

I don’t think that’s a bad thing. There are many players who play instinctive and are still good. Especially a lot in the jungle and mid lane. However, there can be situations for the jungler if they play instinctually in world class games. I prioritize playing smart.

Q. Today, you had Svenskeren play Sejuani. How was his play?

I don’t think everything went well in the game. I thought that he could initiate team fights faster and do things earlier with his teammates. Still, I think he did more than a person’s share.

Q. How much do you expect of Svenskeren?

Hmm, that’s a difficult question (Laughs). I don’t rely on a single player. LoL is a team game and the team needs to develop as a team. I think that a player needs to do the role the team demands while developing.

Q. How is the new top laner Licorice?

He’s a player with outstanding mechanics. When he plays an aggressive champion, he’s really good, but it wasn’t that satisfying today. It’s Licorice’s debut today at the NA LCS so he still has a lot to show. Our team always went to Worlds and got to the quarterfinals. He needs to deliver performance that is fit for the team.

Q. Do you think you will get to the quarterfinals at worlds? From what I’ve heard, you’re not that confident.

I think it’s always similar. With new players on the team, the performance isn’t always stable, but I think we’ll be the survivors after the middle of the season.

Q. Lastly, a word to the fans who support C9 and something to the fans who disapprove of the new roster?

I know that many of you have complaints on the new roster. We couldn’t help it (Laughs). The players we sent off, left, and I wish you can encourage and support the new players. Please keep an eye on us.

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    It's nice to hear from the coaches' perspectives

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