100 Thieves Ryu: “Aphromoo is the mood maker of the team.”

Yoo “Ryu” Sang-wook spoke out about his trust on Aphromoo.

On the 20th (PST), in the NA LCS stadium, Ryu and the 100 Thieves defeated Optic Gaming on the opening match of 2018. After the match, he spoke of his faith in Aphromoo. Ryu also said that he wanted to get to the finals this season.


Q. You won against Optic Gaming in your first match. How do you feel?

This was my first match in 5 months. The match was long, so it was hard. I became hungry in the middle of the match and I didn’t bring any water.

Q. You introduced Ssumday to the team.

The team was looking for a top laner, so I asked the team how it would be talking to Ssumday. I asked Ssumday how it would be to play for 100 Thieves, and he said that he wanted to play for us.

Q. Except for Ssumday, who do you enjoy playing with?

I like playing with all the other members, but to pick one, I would say Aphromoo. He has good macro skills in urgent situations like when we need to kill Baron. Especially, his shotcalls when we’re winning is really good. Even when we’re losing, it’s still good. Aphromoo is the mood maker of the team.

Q. Do you have any trouble in communication?

Ssumday had some trouble when he first came, but after some time, it got better. Now he understands well.

Q. Is the synergy well with Cody Sun and Aphromoo?

Aphromoo takes care of Cody Sun well, like a big brother.

Q. You played against your former teammate Arrow. Did you say anything to him before the match?

We didn’t share any words, but we both didn’t want to lose. I’ll go and tease him now that the match is over. (Laughs)

Q. What’s your goal for this season?

I want to go to the finals. I think it’s possible. In the last season, we didn’t have good results, but I’ll try hard to get good results this season.

Q. Your team uniform looks like a baseball jersey. Do you like it?

I like it. It doesn’t look like an eSports team, it’s innovative.

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