JAG Teddy on Scoring Over 1400 CS: "I didn't even realize it until Justice told me"

On the 20th, atop the Seoul OGN eStadium, the 4th day of the '2017 LoL Champions Korea Spring Split Round 1' took place. On the 2nd series, Jin Air Green Wings clashed against SKT T1, and in the end, JAG won. It was a long and bloody fight, as game 3 was the longest game in the history of League of Legends esports. 

The following is an interview done with JAG's ADC, Teddy.

How does it feel winning after creating history today?

Today's series was very important. We had to win today in order to prevent a 2-loss streak... We had to win in order to shift the team atmosphere for the better. We'll do our best to continue winning.

Did you expect the game to go on for this long?

Not this long.

We told each other to just give up the 3 inhibitors and endure. When we lost the twin nexus towers, I knew it there that we won't be able to leave our base. Our team just waited for SKT to make a mistake.

What kind of shotcalls went back and forth between your teammates?

UmTi said that he will only focus Kassadin. Everyone made a lot of calls, actually.

Did you see your CS? You had more than 1400!

I was way too focused to pay attention.

I didn't realize it until Justice told me during the game, "You have 1100..." I knew then that he was talking about CS and that I had that many. It was the first time where I had that much CS. I couldn't even go over 700 CS in the past...

During game 3, you must've been exhausted. How did you stay focused?

My desire to win was very, very strong. That's why I was able to focus. Also, our team has a very strong defense.

Head coach, Sang-Yong Han, stated that JAG was able to defend against SKT because they had Sivir and not Caitlyn. 

He's correct. Sivir's minion clear is very good. She's capable of quickly eliminating super minions as well.

During game 3, when did you become certain that JAG will take the win?

I kept thinking to myself that if SKT doesn't make a mistake, we will lose 100%. 

When we caught out Kassadin late in the game, that's when I became certain that we'll take the win.

Was today's game a meaningful one? 

I think everyone in the team will become cocky for at least a month. (Laughs) Today's series was definitely a series that we'll remember.

Any last words?

We'll do our best for this Season, so please cheer for us.

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