bbq Trick: "We were able to overcome our enemy with the power of chicken"

The player for today's video interview is none other than Trick, the jungler for bbq Olivers that has defeated Kongdoo Monsters today with a score of 2-1.

The best jungler from Europe came knocking on the doors of LCK. Trick, the player that recently joined hands with bbq Olivers for the new season, shared his reasoning for picking Ivern, explained what his strengths are, and gave insight regarding the drawn-out Baron dance during game 2.

You've just defeated KDM with a score of 2-1. How do you feel?

I was a bit pressured due to today's game being my very first in Korea after my return from Europe. It felt great winning it. 

It's been a while since you've seen play here in Korea. Were you nervous?

The first game of every season always makes me nervous. Every game played, one after the other, somewhat relieves that pressure.

I can only imagine how different Korea is compared to Europe.

The amount of practice is definitely different from the two. Also, I'm very satisfied with being able to eat Korean dishes. (Laughs)

During game 1, KDM displayed great performance. How was bbq's team atmosphere like after dropping the 1st game?

It didn't become bad or anything like that. We just told each other, "let's try the next game."

Please explain the drawn-out Baron dance during game 2.

We believed that there were no wards inside the Baron pit, so we thought that we were capable of pressuring the enemy team. Our pink-ward was misplaced, and we weren't able to reveal a crucial ward inside the pit. That one mistake kept us from being able to effectively apply pressure.

The Ivern pick in game 2 was really unexpected. How did the team react?

I asked my coach and head coach if I can practice Ivern beforehand.  As his scrim results came out to be good, I believed that he was a good pick.

What are Ivern's strengths?

He can grant both Blue and Red buff to his team starting from his 2nd buff. I think that's his biggest strength. Other than that, I think his best quality is that he's really strong post level 6.

Before today's series, bbq handed out free chicken to the players and fans. (Laughs) How was the taste?

bbq gave everyone chicken! It felt great winning after eating it. (Laughs) We were able to overcome our enemy with the power of chicken. (Laughs)

You'll be facing 'Rox Tigers' next. Please give us your final words regarding the upcoming match.

Although we were able to secure our first win, I think we're still lacking in a lot of areas. We'll make sure to fill-in those lacking qualities before playing our next match. Thank you.

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