Ruler on Varus: "His base stats are really good. You can tank the enemy while attacking and still win"

Jae-Hyeok "Ruler" Park picked out 'SKT T1' and 'Afreeca Freecs' as the two teams to watch out for. 

On the 18th, the 3rd day of the '2018 LCK Spring Split Round 1' took place atop the Seoul OGN eStadium. During the 2nd series of the day, KSV scored their 2nd win of the week against 'Jin Air Green Wings'.  With this victory, KSV has successfully placed themselves at the top of the LCK leaderboards. Ruler's Tristana and Varus were a major contributor to make this result - especially in game 2, where Ruler displayed multiple great showings of his usage of ultimates.

The following is an interview done with KSV's ADC, Ruler.

How do you feel after that victory?

It feels good winning 2-0. But I'm still a bit disappointed because of the mistakes that were made in game 1. 

What mistakes did you make?

I wasn't paying attention when I was recalling in the midlane, and the channel was interrupted. That really messed up our pace of macro management.

You're really something else with Varus.

Varus fits into my playstyle. First of all, his base stats are really good. You can tank the enemy while attacking and still win. If you are able to dodge the enemies' skillshot as you fight, however, you'll take an even bigger advantage. Back when Varus was regarded very highly, I wasn't too great with the pick, but I consistently practiced him in solo queue and became very experienced on him.

Is the synergy between you and CoreJJ still good?

As you saw from our games today, yes. The most important thing to focus on in order to become a strong botlane is the laning phase - and CoreJJ's laning is very, very strong. He told me that when he used to play ADC, he was a very careful and conservative player. But when he shifted his role to support, he changed completely. (Laughs)

Your team is on a winning streak. Is there a team that you need to watch out for during the Spring Split?

Afreeca Freecs and SKT T1. If we're able to break through those two teams, everything else should go smoothly.

You played against a former teammate, Wraith. 

They banned Varus during game 1, but they left it open during the next game. He should know very well that I'm great on Varus... I thought, "how dare he leave Varus open?" and focused more on the game.

What are your opinions of Vayne?

I believe Vayne is really good right now, so I've been practicing her on solo queue. She's really great on the current meta. If a situation calls for it, she's a perfectly fine pick. During game 1, if Ambition wasn't able to focus down Vayne the way he did, things would've gone very bad for us. 

Be honest, did you want the MVP title for game 2?

Honestly, I thought I was going to receive it. However, CoreJJ made many amazing plays on Tahm Kench. It's completely acceptable that he received it.

Any final words?

I'm very thankful for all the fans that cheer for us. We'll do our best during this Split, so please continue to cheer for us!

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