CoreJJ: " I want to keep this momentum going and avoid having to play in the regional qualifiers for Worlds"

Surrounded by the aura of World Champions, KSV took down JAG with a score of 2-0. This is KSV's 2nd win of the LCK's 1st week. During game 1, KSV showed signs of struggle against the Green Wings, but the World Champions slowly recovered their pace of speed to eventually, beat them, on both sets. 

After the series, the two KSV players who had won the MVP title, CoreJJ who has displayed a fantastic showing on Tahm Kench, and Ambition who has maintained the 100% winrate on his Zac was invited for an interview with the casters.

(To Ambition) You guys won 2 series in a row! How do you feel?

Ambition: Game 1 was really tough. I wanted to win in a clean fashion...

(To Ambition) You've been working nonstop - you must've been exhausted! Did you get some rest during the preseason?

Ambition: I did my best to secure as much personal time as possible. But because I need to keep myself familiar with the game and not forget what I've learned by playing, I made sure to practice in between. 

(To CoreJJ) How about you?

CoreJJ: Before playing, I was filled with confidence. However, I almost lost that confidence during game 1, because things didn't go as well as planned. I regained the confidence during game 2.

(To Ambition) The enemy team picked Vayne - forcing your team's strategy to revolve around focusing her. And during that game, you had a fantastic showing of your Zac. How was the situation?

Ambition: Had we applied more pressure on Vayne during the early-game, she wouldn't have had the chance to become a threat. It was our mistake to have given her the opportunity to scale like that. Thankfully, we played really well during teamfights - and we were able to maintain a healthy mentality because of it.

(To Ambition) Currently, your Zac has a 100% winrate. Are you confident on that champion?

Ambition: Whenever I play Zac, I always focus on scaling. Since the champion itself comes equipped with so many threatening CC, as long as you are able to stay alive, you are able to cause serious damage. Even if I fail to land my skillshots, I try my best to stick to my target until I do - because if you land one, you win.

(To CoreJJ) KSV [Formerly SSG] is well-known for their macro management. The play around Baron - in which you guys run back and forth, faking to take it - especially left an impression on me. Who makes those kinds of calls? 

CoreJJ: Since all of us become really occupied with what we're doing during a game, I'm not too sure... All of us just makes calls naturally. However, during important moments, Ambition makes the calls.

(To Both) We heard from somewhere that Ambition is in complete charge of planning strategies and making shotcalls. Is that true?

CoreJJ: He doesn't have complete power over every decision, but his decisions do affect us the most...

Ambition: During games, I make certain to tell the team to fight or to back off when we need to.

(To Ambition) You're well-known for many things. But nowadays, fans and analysts alike are praising you for your insane engages. Do you have any tips regarding it?

Ambition: The most important thing is team composition - 'picks and bans' is of utmost importance. Also, you need to scale well - even if it means to just be a little bit stronger than your enemies. Lastly, you need to know "when" to initiate and "when" to back off if it backfires.

(To CoreJJ) I think you're being a bit greedy! You are too good at everything!

CoreJJ: I'm always confident at playing champions that I'm familiar with. But nowadays, I want to try new champions that have recently been released. I want to take on new challenges. 

(To CoreJJ) You played against a former teammate, Wraith, who is also a support player. Have you met him personally to talk before the match?

CoreJJ: I didn't see him at the stadium. When our team played against KZ, my heart rate was at 100bpm. Today, I measured it again, and it was at 120bpm. I was pretty nervous. 

(To Ambition) Lee Ji-Hoon joined KSV as the team's general manager. Has he been helpful?

Ambition: He's been a part of the gaming industry for a very long time, so he's able to more easily understand the players and their thoughts. Today, he came in to see us before both games during today's series. He's really watching things out for us.

(To Both) Any final words?

CoreJJ: We're to a very good start, as we had won both of our opening series. I want to keep this momentum going and avoid having to play in the regional qualifiers for Worlds. Please cheer KSV on!

Ambition: We only played two games, so we'll need to keep this pace. We'll reach the Finals. 

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