bbq IgNar: "I didn't really like the food back in Europe... I still prefer foreign teams"

Dong-Geun "IgNar" Lee rated his Alistar to have been "as fluent as running water."

On the 18th, the 3rd day of the '2018 LCK Spring Split Round 1' took place atop the Seoul OGN eStadium. And on the first series of the day, 'bbq Olivers' successfully pulled off a comeback against 'Kongdoo Monsters' with a score of 2-1. It's been a while since IgNar saw play here in Korea, and his first series after his return was a successful one.

The following is an interview done with bbq Oliver's support player, IgNar.

How do you feel?

It was my first series after my return from Europe... and I was able to play Alistar, so I feel great. In the past, during my debut game, I received a lot of attention from fans because of that champion, and that is why I personally like him. Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Thresh, these are champions that I truly love. 

Also, I really enjoyed playing in the 'Ardent Censer' meta. During it, I was able to kill the enemy support whenever I was able to pull off a successful hook. I'm very confident when I play supports with hooks, and that is why I really liked that meta.

How's Korea? 

To be honest, I didn't really like the food back in Europe. Here, in Korea, the food is delicious, and the "instant/fast food" system here is really neat. Also, the team-atmosphere that is only present in  Korean teams is great. Teams outside of Korea have a lot more freedom. Time spent outside of scrims were all basically "free" time. Here, in Korea, the practice schedule is a lot more strict. Personally, I still prefer foreign teams. (Laughs)

How did you and your team prepare for today's match?

I kept on practicing "meta" champions. 

Today, for some odd reason, I really wanted to play Alistar. So after persuading our coach, and the situation called for it, I picked him. It happened to be the right pick, and it went down as fluent as running water.

How is your synergy with Ghost?

It's not perfect yet. We're currently at the stage where we're trying to balance things out for each other.

Is there a team in the LCK that you want to play against and defeat?

There isn't really a specific team that I want to win against. Rather, I just want the fans to remember  'Ghost-IgNar' as a strong botlane. I want us [Ghost and I] to be a combination that leads the team to victory. 

A lot of people said thatTte Shen support during game 1 was a bit lacking.

Recently, we weren't able to practice support Shen to the extent that we wanted to. We picked him to provide support for our toplaner. I think it didn't go well because I was lacking experience playing him.

You will be having a fan meeting soon, here in Korea.

The style of fan meetings between Europe and Korea is very different. Back in Europe, when fans line up to interact with the players, they simply make a fist bump and take pictures, and that's about it. But here in Korea, you are actually given a lot of time to share conversations with your fans. That's why I can't wait. (Laughs)

Any final words?

First of all, I would like to thank those who support me: 'bbq Olivers', 'eSports Connected', Handhug, and Maxtill. Today, bbq provided all our fans - including us, players - chicken. I think we won because of that.

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