bbq Trick: "My ultimate goal was to always return to Korea"

'bbq Olivers', an LCK team that has acquired two European stars, IgNar and Trick, have defeated 'Kongdoo Monsters' on their first game of the league with a score of 2-1. During game 1, BBQ saw brutal defeat. But through the 2nd and final game, BBQ slowly recovered their form and displayed better team coordination. As a result, BBQ was able to come out victorious.

After the series, the two players who won the MVP title, BBQ's jungler, Trick, and midlaner, Tempt, were invited for an interview with the casters 

※ During translation, some of the questions and answers were edited for better comprehension

(To Trick) It's been a while since you've played in Korea, Trick. Could you please introduce yourself to the Korean fans who aren't too familiar with you?

Trick: I'm a player that's returned from EU, Trick. Hello.

(To Trick) When was the last time you've played in Korea before today?

Trick: I've played against Samsung in 2015 when my former team was playing against them.

(To Trick) What made you decide to come back to Korea? Furthermore, Why bbq Olivers?

Trick: My ultimate goal was always to return to Korea. I had the mindset to come back even before going to EU. Also, I chose bbq Olivers because the head coach of the team paid me a visit late into the night. I was touched by it.

(To Trick) How is the relationship between you and the rest of the team?

Trick: First of all, Ghost is a former teammate of mine. As for everyone else, I had no difficulty getting in good terms with them. 

(To Tempt) How are your new teammates?

Tempt: I think the team has gotten better...

(To Tempt) What exactly became "better"?

Tempt: First of all... uhm... it's just good...

(To Trick) Tempt has always been a shy player! This is a question for Trick: Ivern is a pick that you seem to really enjoy playing. However, in the LCK, it's not really a favored pick. How is he as a champion?

Trick: A lot of people rate Ivern as a weak champion. But at level 6, he almost always wins fights. He can turn a '2 vs 2' fight into a '3 vs 2' [because of Daisy]. Also, I really like the fact that he can build support items such as 'Ardent Censer'. He's especially prominent during the late-game.

(To Trick) The Baron dance was really, really drawn out during the 2nd game... it lasted for nearly 20 minutes! What happened?

Trick: My teammates or I couldn't 'pink ward' at a crucial point during the dance. I think that's why it was so drawn out...

(To Tempt) What's your opinion?

Tempt: Considering the enemies' composition and other factors, I didn't worry or feel desperate at any points in the game - especially because I was able to scale well. I always thought that we had the advantage. 

(To Tempt) You've won the MVP title for the 3rd set! Currently, in the LCK, Malzahar is taking a lot of wins. What are his strengths as a champion?

Tempt: First of all, he forces his lane opponent to purchase 'Quicksilver Sash' - allowing Malzahar to gain the item advantage. In addition, his ultimate is on a very short cooldown. He has a lot of strengths.

(To Tempt) Let me ask you the opposite question then since Malzahar has so many strengths. What are his weaknesses?

Tempt: In the early-game, Malzahar can't wave-clear too well... that's about it.

(To Tempt) Does Malzahar have a counter-pick?

Tempt: It's really annoying to play against a champion with good wave-clear.

(To Trick) I have a feeling that IgNar expected himself to receive the MVP title in place of Tempt. 

Trick: To be honest, I thought IgNar was going to receive it... (Glances over to Tempt) But IgNar did say that he believed Tempt was going to receive it.

(To Trick) The team atmosphere seems really good! Giving each other compliments like that. After the 2nd set, what kind of feedback went back and forth?

Trick: We utilized a team composition that we didn't practice. And most of all, I think we just lacked the proper skills [as of now]. 

(To Tempt) The midlaner of a team shares a special relationship with the jungler, due to gameplay mechanics. Between you and Trick, who holds the reins?

Tempt: Currently, I'm listening and following Trick's calls.

(To Tempt) As a midlaner, what're your "real" opinions regarding Ivern?

Tempt: To be honest... personally... I don't like it. However, the rest of the team really likes having him around. 

(To Trick) On behalf of your team, can you tell us your team's resolution for the Spring Split?

Trick: First of all, we have another jungler called 'bono' in our team, and he's a great player - everyone is great.

So please expect great things to come from us and watch us. Thank you.

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