Interview with the devs of Black Desert Mobile: "There will be a new stat called Affiliation."

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Black Desert Online is known for its high quality graphics, massive amount of content, and the level of freedom it has. Just like the PC version, the mobile version is drawing huge attention from gamers around the globe. They are excited to see the new levels of fun that Black Desert Mobile will bring.

On Jan 16th, Pearl Abyss had a press interview at the company headquarters and shared some details of Black Desert Mobile.


▲ The Content part manager, the PD, and the Action part manager


Q. Were you worried that the mobile adaptation of BDO might be less fun than the PC version?

Not at all. We care about BDO a lot, and we want everyone to revel in the fun that we have created. It was an honor for us to be in charge of such a meaningful project. I will make BDO Mobile the best work of my life.

Q. Why did you delay the beta test schedule?

First of all, I would like to apologize. More people than we had expected registered for the pre-registration, and we had to make sure that the servers were perfectly stable. Also, we wanted to add and enhance more content so we needed more time. We will provide more stable service after we conduct in-depth and thorough in-company tests.


▲ More people than expected registered for the pre-registration.

Q. What is the end-game content in BDO Mobile?

A lot of BDO players say that the end-game content in the PC version is stuff like PvP, Node Wars, and Conquest Wars. The mobile version also has these, but it has more casual PvP content like your own manor and a 5v5 battle. There is no absolute end-game content. Players will be able to decide on what will be their end-game content.

Q. BDO is an action-packed game. How did you bring the dynamic action of the PC version to the mobile version?

In the PC version, you can use a variety of skills using different keyboard and mouse commands. The same kind of control is impossible in the mobile version, so we implemented different functions so you can experience the dynamic action of BDO. For example, you can hold down the skill button to use chain skills or press multiple buttons consecutively for animation cancels.

We also made the view perspective angle a quarter view angle for more exciting action. The graphics and actions that a shoulder view cannot properly display will be available with the quarter view angle.


▲ Simple but dynamic

Q. The mobile version will have a different weight limit system. Could you elaborate on this?

There won’t be a big difference. We will keep the positive elements of the weight system, like preventing some people from staying in the same grind spot forever, but we will adjust the penalty so it will fit in the mobile version. Also, there will be more ways to increase weight limit in the mobile version.

Q. Where can we usually farm equipment?

There is a shop called “Shakatu’s Shop” in the game, and it’s not a cash shop. You can get Shakatu’s Coins from certain missions, and can buy the gear that you want with them. We believe that this system will lead some different content towards the same direction.

Q. One of the major characteristics of BDO is that your gear is still the best gear even after a few years. Will there be any differences in the gear system in BDO Mobile?

BDO Mobile will have the same system. The value of the gear will not easily change. However, we are not sure if it will be exactly the same as the PC version.

Q. How do you go to World Bosses in the mobile version?

In the PC version, you had to walk a long distance to get to the location and you had to be there at the exact spawn time. World Boss raids will be different in the mobile version. It will be much more convenient. When World Bosses are spawned, there will be a notification icon so players will know there is a world boss raid available at that moment. Also, moving to the location will be much more simple.

Q. How hard will World Boss Raids be?

We would say that 25 is the right amount of people per raid. If there are more than 25 people, there will be too much disorder. Unlike the PC version, you will be entering a dungeon for world boss raids. But the dungeons are not instant dungeons that other games have. We made it like this because we wanted to provide the best view for world boss raids. You must enter the “dungeon” within 4 hours of each boss spawn, and will have 1 hour to kill the boss.

Q. In the mobile version, the “Activity Gauge” system will replace the Energy and CP system of the PC version. How do you use the Activity Gauge?

BDO Mobile will have CP too, but it will be used for different things. In the mobile version, CP will be used for a variety of things including hiring people for your manor.
Energy is a resource that is used for many different things. We decided to change the name to a term that most people are familiar with. We changed the name to “Activity Gauge” so the people who have not played BDO would know what the system is for. The Activity Gauge will be used mainly in life skill content.


▲ The Activity Gauge will be used for many different features.

Q. Will Life content make enough money?

If grinding makes 10 mil silver per hour and life skilling makes 8 mil silver per hour, everyone must be grinding as there is a definite efficiency gap. We, as developers, want our players to enjoy all of the content, but that will be too much to ask for a mobile game.

Instead of making every piece of content earn different amount of money, we made all content earn different type of rewards. You can get the materials needed for constructing/upgrading buildings by gathering, and you can get food from fishing. We made each have its own unique role.

Q. Is there any life skill that the mobile version does not have or is different in the mobile version?

Trading will be different. We wanted BDO Mobile to have Trading, but it doesn’t look like the character is actually trading goods as a merchant (with wagons and other things) on a mobile device. There is content similar to Trading like escort missions, but the real Trade system won’t be available in BDO mobile. We are still working on how to implement the system to the mobile version.
Gathering and Fishing will be the same, but there might be a slightly different mini game. Titles and auto-fishing will be available.


▲ What will the life skills look like in BDO Mobile?

Q. How much “auto-play” content will there be?

The amount of auto-play content is still an issue for us. We don’t want to ruin the game’s fun so we tried all modes: auto play, semi-auto play, and manual play. We concluded that we cannot completely get rid of auto-play. Manual play was fun, but it was too tiring.
But we will keep the same level of auto-play. There won’t be any things like automatically talking to an NPC or automatically collecting the quest objectives. Also, there will be no auto PvP.

Q. How will Awakening work? Also, why is the Sorceress not one of the playable characters?

When the Sorceress first came out, a lot of people thought “this is not the sorceress that I expected!” The Sorceress will have a different class name when she comes out. The first playable characters will be the Warrior, Witch, and Ranger, the typical RPG characters. The Valkyrie will be added 2 weeks after the release, due to some development issues.

We can’t give you details on the Awakening system. We are still deciding on whether to keep the Awakening system the same as the PC version or create a whole new class. Some people chose the Warrior because they liked the Longsword so they don’t like the Warrior after Awakening, or vice versa.

We are considering different options so everyone can enjoy the game.

Q. Will it be difficult to use skills and combos with the mobile screen?

You can put the same skills in the quick slots multiple times, and put the same skill in both quick slot page 1 and page 2. You will be able to customize the quick slots based on your preference.
You can fill the quick slots with the few skills that are used frequently, but this will ruin the class’ unique traits.

▲ Black Desert Mobile Warrior Trailer



Q. The PC version consumes a lot of time, especially if you want to enjoy life skills and the worker/work system. But all the content is connected together, so players could not completely ignore a part of the game. Does the mobile version require a lot of time too?

There will be tons of content, but none of them will be required. We want our players to enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. If you are worried about the mobile version being Pay to Win, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just that the mobile version will not consume as much time as the PC version does.


Q. How big is the content and the territory that will be revealed in the CBT?

The regions up to Heidel will be available in the CBT. If you play for long hours you will be able to get through the territory, but according to our tests it won’t be easy. We will open Calpheon when the game officially launches.

If the development schedule continues smoothly, we will be able to add the 5vs5 battle to the game when the game launches. We won’t be adding the Marketplace upon the game’s release, as the MP might have some unwanted issues when it becomes available along with the game itself. We will assess the situation and open the MP later on.

Q. How does Enhancement work in BDO mobile?

Enhancement will be very different from the PC version. First of all, players will be able to see the current success rate. A message that says “Success rate is 33%. Would you like to enhance this item?” will pop up. Also, you can keep some percentage of the success rate after failing an enhancement by spending silver. For example, if a player had 78% success rate but failed, the player can spend some silver to get 0 to a 78% success rate on the next enhancement.

There will be no max durability loss for unsuccessful enhancements in the mobile version. It’s too hard to recover max durability in the mobile version. Memory Fragments will be used in restoring the success rate after a failed enhancement in the mobile version. Memory Fragments will be available from different achievements or from grind fields.

Q. How does Training work in the mobile version? Will there be Dream Horses?

Dream Horses are the ultimate goal of Training in the PC version. It won’t be easy to add Dream Horses to the mobile version right away. Training will be easier in the mobile version. There will be horse tiers, but the breeding system will be simpler. In the PC version, the stats of the horses you got from breeding were random and it was hard to get a certain type of horse. In the mobile version, it will be much easier.


▲ Training will be simpler.

Q. Will the mobile version have the remastered sounds?

Part of the remastered sounds will be added. But we are working with the actual orchestra, and it’s hard for us to add the remastered sounds for every place. We will add the remastered sound to some of the major places.

Q. Will class stats be simple? Will there be any hidden options?

All options will be revealed. Stats are composed of AP and DP, just like in the PC version. There will be a new stat called “Affiliation”, which is similar to “Elements”. Each skill has an Affiliation and will have different skill effects based on its Affiliation. If you enhance a certain Affiliation, all of your skills with that Affiliation will be stronger.

For example, if you add the Affiliation “Aal” to the Warrior’s Spinning Slash, the skill will deal more damage. Also, if you use Aal items, the skill will become even more powerful.

Q. What are the differences between the “open field life skills” and “Manor life skills?”

In the open field, you can start fishing whenever you see water and start mining whenever you see a rock. In the Manor, you are not the one doing the work. You hire some people to work for you, and they will construct buildings and gather materials for you. They are similar to Workers in the PC version, but are capable of more jobs.


▲ Your Manor workers are important.

Q. What is the ultimate goal of BDO Mobile?

We want Black Desert Mobile to be regarded as one of the best games of all time. When there are some features that players don’t really like, but they can say “but it’s acceptable”, I will believe that the game is successful.

Q. When will the game launch?

We do not have a fixed schedule. The CBT will begin in Feb and we’ll decide on the release date after that. If there are no big issues in the CBT, the game will be released within a month after the end of the CBT.

Q. Are there any changes with the storytelling?

Engaging in the story will be easier with mobile devices. Story telling will not be much different, but there will be some differences. For example, fighting Jordine will be a mission instead of a boss fight. The NPC Eileen that you meet during the tutorials might be following you to tell you more about the game. We will make the players engage in the universe using different methods.

Q. Any changes with Black Spirit skills?

The Black Spirit has a level in the mobile version. When the Black Spirit reaches a certain level, you can learn Black Spirit skills. But the skill doesn’t work the same way it does in the PC version. It will be a separate skill with its own cooldown. The cooldown will be 3 to 5 minutes, but we haven’t decided on the details yet.


▲ Black Spirit: "I want to go back to my true form. You will help me, right?"

Q. What’s the sales goal of the game?

We want to make it to the first page. We want to be the top 10 as well. We are working on marketing, but we are also expecting the players to spread the word about the game. It would be awesome to be a best-selling game, but we won’t work too hard towards that.


Q. How would you define Black Desert Mobile?

A Korean MMORPG. [laughs] It’s a game wherein the protagonist travels with a mysterious creature called the Black Spirit. It’s a game where you can create your own fantasy world with tons of exciting content. I think it’s a game where players can choose their own path.

Q. Any last words you would like to add?

Content Part Manager: I hope you can enjoy all the content and the connections between the different content. I worked really hard on that. Please enjoy the game.

Action Part Manager: As I’m in charge of the action part of the game, I’ll do my best so you can experience the dynamic action even with a small screen.

PD: I know what you are expecting from Black Desert Mobile. I won’t fail to get you the things that you want, and will create a really great game. Please stay with us and keep supporting us!


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