[Interview] Ambition after defeating Kingzone: "Tank Jarvan is better than DPS."

A completely new LCK. The first match of 2018 was the two favorites that were rebranded. This year started with the battle between last year’s world champions KSV, and one of the heavy favorites, Kingzone. The match was best of 3 and it was concluded in KSV’s win 2 to 0.

After the match, Ambition, who still was in his prime, and match MVP Ruler had been interviewed.

※Some questions/answers were edited for better comprehension.

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Q. Congratulations! How do you feel?

Ambition: I thought it would be a hard match, but we won more easily than I thought.

Ruler: Kingzone is a good team, so I was tense. It’s a relief that we won.

Q. All the League fans talk about your age, every spring. What do you think about that?

A: Well, my age is older than most others, and each year is heavy on me. I do think that age is a large factor, but from what I’ve seen at practice, age doesn’t seem to matter to me. I think I can still overcome age with practice, so I don’t mind all the criticism about age.

Q. At the last team fight, you moved individually. How did you decide to do so?

A: We decided to fight when they were coming at us. My role was to initiate the fight, and it didn’t matter if I died or not. But luckily, I had the stopwatch so I survived.

Q. You played a tank Jarvan. Why did you pick tank items?

A: Many foreign players play DPS Jarvan but I thought it wasn’t that good, both when I was against it or when I was playing it. So I like always buy tank items.

Q. You delivered great performance last year, and was picked player of the year. Did many people congratulate you?

A: Mainly my teammates congratulated me, but not much from others.

Q. Haru should be thinking that there’s a lot to learn from you. Did you talk with him after you were picked player of the year?

A: After being picked player of the year, I was kind of shy and we didn’t talk much about that. About the prize though, anyway it’s a prize after all, I do feel proud of it. I feel good because it seems like a reward for the hard working year.

Q. (To Ruler) After last year, you became one of the best ADCs in the world. How do you feel this year?

R: Last year, we weren’t able to win any LCK competitions. This year, I want to win in the LCK, it feels like that we can win many competitions this year.

Q. Do you see any teams or players that may be in your way to winning?

R: Since all the bottom duos are really good, I think all the top 4 teams will be difficult to play against.

Q. Today wasn’t that easy, but you played well and put up some good stats. Are you satisfied with today’s play?

R: A little bit. Not fully satisfying though. I’m thankful to the team for playing well.

Q. After Crown was cut off, you made more bold decisions. What made that happen?

A: In that situation, normally people would think not to make any more mistakes and play conservatively, but we thought that the other four were growing well enough and even 4v5 wasn’t that disadvantageous.

Q. Which play do you think was the best play that made you MVP of today’s match?

R: I think when I made Taric waste his ult at a 2v3 mid lane fight was good. Other than that, I missed a lot of Qs so it’s not that satisfying.

Q. Your uniform has changed, and team name has changed. How do you feel?

A: Since all members and coaching staff are the same, it doesn’t feel that different. Anyways, the uniform has changed and the team name has changed so it does feel a bit new. Since KSV has decided to sponsor us, we are thankful and we will try hard to deliver good performance.

Q, Will you appeal anything for your new uniforms for the summer?

R: I’m not much into fashion, so I think Ambition will do that. I wish it was blue.

A: For the summer, I wish it wasn’t hot. Maybe something like sportswear. It really doesn’t matter.

Q. Please say something to the fans now.

A: We weren’t able to even get to the finals at the LCK last year, but the start is good, we’ve gained confidence. Thank you for supporting us.

R: We will be practicing harder, so please continue to support us. We’ll do our best to get to the finals.

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