[IEM Oakland] Post-finals interview with UoL Exileh


How does it feel to win your first IEM?

It actually feels really good to compete against different regions: Longzhu, TSM, and Flash Wolves. TSM is a top NA team, whereas Longzhu is at the bottom of LCK, but they’re still doing fine. Also, there’s Flash Wolves from Taiwan. We were had good scrims over the entire week. In terms of practice, it was a good learning experience of pitting ourselves against teams from different regions.


Why do you think so many midlaners prioritize Viktor, Orianna, and Cassiopeia?

I think Viktor, Orianna, and Cassiopeia are really dominant in lanes. They don’t have any bad matchups except for Ryze and Syndra, who are usually banned anyways. They also offer a lot of utility like Cassiopeia’s Miasma or Orianna’s Shockwave. You can basically one-shot any ADC. Viktor is a safe pick who can just win by controlling the mid lane. Those three picks in the current version are the best midlaner champions when you don’t consider Ryze and Syndra.


How would you rate yourself as a player this year?

At the start of LCS, I wasn’t doing so well. I had to learn a lot about about the micro game. Everything was new to me because I only played solo queue back then. Over time, my entire team helped me understand my role better. Once I got my head around micro, I could try to be my best. Compared to other midlaners, I think I’m pretty good with wave management. Most midlaners don’t pay as much attention to it as I do. I often win midlane matchups by controlling waves.


What’s with the team’s name? And who’s the person dressed as a unicorn?

I wasn’t there when they decided on the name, so here’s what they told me at least. When we didn’t play professionally, we tried to think of a funny name. We thought having a name like Unicorns of Love would be hilarious next to big names like Fnatic. So, we took the name and kept it. I personally like the name. Oh, the mascot? He’s our manager.


What were the best and worst moments from today’s match?

The worst moment was the entire first game against TSM. I don’t perform well in the first game of BoX series because I need time to get used to the stage. The best moment was the last game against Flash Wolves when we found a good engagement. We knew we could close out the game, and everyone was shouting. It felt really great to finish the game.


What else do you hope to achieve in the future?

We’ll try to get first place in LCS. We’d like to prepare well and become a really good team—one that can participate in Worlds. Personally, I just want to play against the best midlaners in the world and try to figure out how I stack up. I’ll try to improve as much as I can and see how far I can go.




Interview conducted by Inven Sawual

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