Behind the scenes photos and 3 truths made evident about the OWL.



We are in the middle of the first week of OWL competition and a few truths have emerged:

1. Players like Fleta, Effect, Carpe, and Pine are quickly becoming household names for their incredible mechanical skill and playmaking ability. Seoul Dynasty Fleta stole the show on day 1 of the league, but it was NYXL Pine that made huge waves during his teams day 2 match against Boston Uprising:

Just look at this McCree skill! The OWL is the greatest opportunity for players to show off their skills, and these players are taking full advantage of the chance

Fans have fully embraced the regional pride and rivalries that the OWL is designed around. Just take a look at the turn out for the respective Boston and Houston OWL viewing parties.  This type of OW fan participation was virtually unheard of before the league:

Add together the thousands of other viewing parties, big and small, taking place all over the world with the already impressive Twitch numbers (peaking once at 441,243 live viewers) and it sinks in just how many people have their eyes on Overwatch esports.

3. Blizzard Arena LA is quickly becoming a beloved esports landmark. Whether it is the electrifying environment, the sold out tickets or the incredible production value for every single match, the decision to centralize all league matches in one amazing venue is paying off.

Take a look at these photos that give you an idea of what it's like inside the buzzing hive of the OWL.

All photos were taken by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment and subsequently released by Blizzard for publication.

▲ SF Shock takes the stage for the first time.
▲ Floor interview with Jeff Kaplan himself
▲ Munchkin takes a photo with a fan.
▲ Philadelphia fusion enter the arena.
▲ LA Gladiators fans flex their teamwork
▲ Florida Mayhem and London Spitfire exchange handshakes
▲ Fans cheering during a match
▲ Soe Gschwind on the mic
▲ Seoul Dynasty enters the arena
▲ The Observer room during a broadcast
▲Coolmat with teammates
▲ London Spitire is all smiles
▲ London Spitfire discusses strategy behind the scenes
▲Dallas Fuel are huge fan favorites
▲ Fans pour into the lobby of the arena
▲ The view of the stage from above
▲Fans eagerly await entering the arena
▲Floriday Mayhem greeted as they enter the arena
▲Ryujehong ready to play
▲  NYXL and Boston Uprising shake hands after a great match.


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