Battle.net Balance Giveaway! Overwatch League Season 1 Week 1 Event - predict the team with 2 wins!



The first season of the Overwatch League that every Overwatch fan has been waiting for is nearly at its doorstep.

The Overwatch League regular season comprises 2 divisions with 12 teams in total - 6 teams in each division. The teams will have a fierce competition with each other for about 8 months as of January 10th.

The group of 11 teams without Philadelphia Fusion have already shown their capabilities in the preseason held in December and allowed them to understand and know each team’s potential and new star players in advance.

To commemorate the Overwatch League, we Inven Global have also prepared an event that would help you enjoy more of the league. The first event will be the comments event which you need to predict the team that will achieve 2 wins during the first week of the league, that is, from January 10th to 13th.

All league teams will have two matches in the first week. Which team will be able to claim two victories without a single defeat and mark a pleasant beginning? Leave your cheerful comment and also select the team with 2 wins in the comment section below or in the Inven Global forum!

How to participate

Leave a comment or forum post that predicts which team will achieve 2 wins in a row in the first week of the league. Writing a comment or post automatically assigns you on the list of event participation, and you will still have a chance to win the prize even if your team doesn’t have 2 wins, so feel free to write it.

5 winners will be selected from all posts and comments by the end of the first week, and given the $20 Battle.net Balance Codes to each one.

Link to Inven Global Overwatch forum

January 9th (Thu) - 3:00 PM, January 13th (Sat) (i.e. the event ends at the end of the last match in the first week)

Prize: $20 Battle.net Balance Code to 5 winners

Note that Battle.net Gift Cards can only be redeemed into US registered user accounts. Winners will receive a confirmation email to the email address registered in Inven Global. The codes will be given immediately upon confirmation.

Season 1 Week 1 Schedule (PDT)

10/01/2018 (Wed)

16:00 - San Francisco Shock vs Los Angeles Valiant

18:00 - Shanghai Dragons vs Los Angeles Gladiators

20:00 - Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty

11/01/2018 (Thu)

14:00 - London Spitfire vs Florida Mayhem

16:00 - Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws

18:00 - Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior

12/01/2018 (Fri)

16:00 - Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel

18:00 - Florida Mayhem vs Boston Uprising

20:00 - San Francisco Shock vs Shanghai Dragons

13/01/2018 (Sat)

11:00 - London Spitfire vs Philadelphia Fusion

13:00 - New York Excelsior vs Houston Outlaws

15:00 - Seoul Dynasty vs Los Angeles Gladiators


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    New York Excelsior

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    London Spitfire gonna win both of their match against Florida Mayhem and Philadelphia Fusion, I believe.
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    London Spitfire for deffinite.

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    London Spitfire

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    Soul Dynasty & New York Excelsior
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    Houston Outlaws

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    London Spitfire

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    Seoul dynasty

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    Boston Uprising

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    There are probably a few teams that'll get two wins this week, but I think Spitfire will be the first.

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    I best believe Los Angeles Valiant keep on winning and show the great form they currently have! London's a great team as well but not as reliable as L.A.V. Let's hope for the best! :-)

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    Shanghai Dragons will win 2 games in a row to the Gladiators.
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    Seoul Dynasty, they have the best tank of the world, "KuKi"

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    Seoul all the way

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    Seoul dynasty boissss

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    London Spitfire

  • 0


    Seoul Dynasty no doubt!

  • 0


    Seoul Dynasty!

  • 0


    gotta be Seoul dynasty

  • 0


    Seoul Dynasty of course

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    Seoul dynasty

  • 0


    First prediction is New York Excelsior, then Philadelphia fusion

  • 0


    Seoul Dynasty go go go

  • 0


    London Spitfire

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