KZ Bdd: "I'm especially excited to see Peanut play on stage"

On January 10th, SPOTV hosted and had a photo shoot of the 2018 LCK Spring Split opening ceremony.

Located in Nam-Yang-Joo Korea, popular figures from each LCK team attended the event. Out of the many teams and players that paid a visit, there were the former Longzhu Gaming players, in which the team had received new sponsorship and has rebranded. 

The Kingzone DragonX players had put their past behind; the past of underperforming during Worlds and KeSPA Cup and have been putting all of their focus on the upcoming LCK season. 

Inven Global ran into an opportunity to speak with KZ's midlaner, Bdd, about his goal for the upcoming split and the current status of the team.

Q. How is the team atmosphere?

Just like before, we're maintaining a good atmosphere.

Q. Are you confident in your team and yourself? Do you think you can win during the Spring like how you have won during the 2017 Summer? 

If we don't push ourselves too hard and overextend, I think we'll make great results.

Q. While you guys were preparing for the upcoming Spring Split, was there a particular player that looked especially strong and well-prepared?

It'll be hard to pinpoint one specific person, as everyone is doing well. 

Q. Continuing from the last question, is there a player that you would like to give "MVP" to?

I'm especially excited to see Peanut play on stage. I just began playing with him on the same team, and I took notice of just how great of a player he really is. He makes very well-calculated plays, just like the veteran that he is. 

Q. The synergy between the midlaner and jungler is very important. How is your synergy with Peanut?

It's not bad. It's working out great, actually.

Q. When the two of you guys were forming synergy, did Peanut mend his playstyle into your style? Or is it the other way around?

We're not really "yielding" our playstyle for the sake of synergy. We're playing spontaneously. If Peanut wants to make a specific play, I'll shift my playstyle to make it happen. If I want to make a play, Peanut would do the same for me. Every situation calls for a different solution.

Q. Longzhu Gaming has been rebranded to Kingzone DragonX. Please give us a word in regards to playing on a new team.

Our sponsor changed, and we gained a new player on our roster. We got a new coach as well. We'll make sure to do our best to make even better results this time. Please cheer us on!

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