[Hearthstone] A Sip of Deathrattle? - Secret Recipes of the Innkeeper

An interesting gift arrived at Inven today. It was a book that would easily catch the eye of any Hearthstone player. At first, I thought it was a worldview or an illustrated card book; I couldn’t think of a whole lot of books that could be derived from Hearthstone.

Without thinking, I opened up the book. There was a picture of a cocktail. Thinking that something was wrong, I went back and read the title on the cover. “Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook”. It was the book belonging to the jolly dwarf who always greets us: the innkeeper. The book was a compilation full of imagination, featuring dishes created from all kinds of Hearthstone ingredients. Liking what I saw, I smiled widely.

Hearthstone does seem far removed from the world of food and drinks. What became what? Or who became what? Let's have a look.

▲ A new year's gift from Hearthstone!
▲ The Innkeeper's Tavern Cookbook
▲ The cover makes it a must have item for Hearthstone fans.
▲ Shall we take a look?
▲ "Ha, find a seat if you can!"
▲ Simple syrups. Looks like a drink corner.
▲ "Serve... or die."
▲ Rum + vermouth = Kazakus's healthful crimson concoction.
▲ I'd like the 6 damage to all with 3 draws.
▲ Deathrattle is a drink...
▲ Brandy + lime juice + sugar syrup + porter beer
▲ With  one of these, I am now a deathrattle unit!
▲ Leeroy's angry chicken cheeseballs.
▲ Something that looks familiar.
▲ Grim patron's gravy tots.
▲ "Everybody! Get in here!"
▲ There was Deathrattle, so of course there's Battlecry.
▲ Confidently shout "One battlecry!" at the bar.
▲ Epic. Golden Monkey Bread, which looks really difficult make.
▲ Legendary, Goblin's wobble.
▲ Priest of the feast's cheesecake.
▲ Looks legendary.
▲ The Innkeeper's Tavern Cookbook was a book full of tasty ideas.

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