Take flight and join the fight! Kibelius Costume Set released for Wizard!

The Kibelius costume for the Wizard was released along with the Striker’s on Black Desert Online KR. The costume design is the same as the other male classes, and the only differences can be found in the staff, dagger, and Godr Sphera.


The design for the staff is a long black staff with

elegant brass ornaments and an ice blue crystal

pieced together. As for the dagger, the entirety is made out of brass, and as for Godr Sphera, the orbs are crimson and blue with winged ornaments surrounding them. There are patterns engraved on the body of the staff and on Godr Sphera’s wings, emphasizing its wizardry image. Again, just like the Striker costume set, the Wizard’s Kibelius costume set comes in two types- set A with wings and set B without wings.


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