Screenshots from the new World Boss Raid, Mirumok Destroyer Offin in BDO KR

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On Dec 31st, new World Boss Mirumok Destroyer Offin has spawned for the first time in Black Desert Online KR. World Boss Offin will spawn in Mirumok Ruins, in every Sunday around 17:30. A lot of players were able to participate in the raid since the spawn time was fixed. 


▲ New World Boss Mirumok Destroyer Offin


A notification message that says “Offin is starting to absorb the spirits’ power” will pop up 30 minutes before Offin spawns. The raid itself is nothing new since a guild raid boss of the same name already exists, but World Boss Offin will give a new Boss main-hand weapon, Offin Tett’s Light Weapon.

World Boss Offin will spawn at the same spot where guild boss Offin spawns. Players gathered at Mirumok Ruins as soon as they saw the notification message, and the very first World Boss Offin raid started at 17:30 (KST).


▲ Parking spot near Mirumok Ruins before the raid.
▲ Players setting up their campsites at Mirumok Ruins before the raid.


In order to kill Offin, you must attack Offin’s roots first. Offin’s roots can deal pretty high damage to you, and unlike other World Bosses, you will lose exp and/or crystals for dying during the raid. If you destroy Offin’s roots, you can attack Offin Tett’s barrier with Matchlocks to summon Offin Tett faster. Once Offin Tett’s barrier is destroyed, Offin Tett will come down from Offin and start attacking players. Offin Tett is a yellow/green monster that will summon invincible white/blue clones. Offin Tett has a variety of AoE skills that can kill nearly everyone around it.


▲ Some players brought Matchlocks from the Piku event to summon Offin Tett faster.
▲ "Offin has awakened. Offin is absorbing the spirit's Power."
▲ "The energy surrrounding Offin has become weaker. You can now attack where Offin Tett is sitting with Matchlocks." 
▲ "Watcher Offin Tett is riding on Offin again."
▲ Offin's seal has been broken. Offin Tett cannot ride on Offin anymore."
▲ Offin Tett without its silver clones.


Both Offin and Offin Tett were dead after 17 minutes of fierce raid. Some lucky players were able to loot the new Boss Weapon or Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, and other players got Black Stones and miscellaneous loot.


▲ Some players looted Valtarra Eclipsed Belt and Offin Tett's Weapon Box.
▲ Offin Tett's Light Staff
▲ Loot table includes Offin Tett's Light Fragment (100 Frags can be exchanged with one Offin Tett weapon box), Black Stones, Tree Spirit Stone Fragment, and Degraded Wood Fragment. 
▲ Offin Tett and its clone
▲ Offin Tett riding on Offin

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    level 1 sephilol


    Can anyone please translate the weapon and belt?

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      level 1 Yullie


      Hi, this is the translated tooltip for the weapon. The belt is Valtarra Eclipsed Belt :) Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy new year!

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