[Cartoon] Not just NA, EU, and the LPL... Korean Players Heading to the Turkish Champions League

Today’s cartoon is about many, many Korean players heading to the Turkish Champions League (TCL).

The transfer market at the end of the year may be the season that gives esports fans, authorities, and reporters the most tension. Everybody is curious as to where certain players will go. Now, most of these transfers have reached their conclusions.

Normally, from the LCK, the players head to NA, EU or LPL. All the regions have their own advantages. And no matter the region, most LCK players showed high performance, raised the level of the league, and made the fans proud.

However, many players decided to play in the TCL. At first, many fans wondered: “Why the Turkish league?” It might be because the TCL isn’t as well known as the other leagues, with the exception of Fenerbahçe, where Kim “Frozen” Tae-il is playing.

After some arguments circulated through the communities, fans started to understand. Many Korean fans think EU teams have several issues with the system and finance, and NA has many legal issues to live. The LPL is too intense, and the language barrier is too high. People began to see the various reasons why, among these imperfect leagues, the TCL seems like a nice one to play in. And more than anything, it seemed like a blue ocean to those who wanted to compete in Worlds.

Having many regions to pick from is a good sign. If they play well and make good results, that will may be a great deal of stimulation to Brazil, Taiwan, or Japan, somewhere many Korean players haven’t gone to before. If more and more regions become part of the main esports scene, then the Worlds tournament will truly become a competition that features the entirety of world coming together for a global-scale clash.

With a larger pool of teams to pick from, and with the many Korean players heading to TCL as if it’s a flare of diversification, all fans will be watching the TCL with keen interest.

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