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League of Legends

[End of year Project] The ‘Low-Cost LoL Cosplay’ Challenge




Many of you probably have seen the cosplay of the fancy outfit and gorgeous appearances of the characters from League of Legends, and admired their works. I also had that admiration, but hid that deep inside until I was nearly thirty due to realistic issues (face, figure etc.). However, one costume player who is drawing attention recently changed my thoughts.

▲  You can find LOWCOST COSPLAY at the Facebook page.

The ‘Low Cost Cosplay’ mimics famous scenes or characters with everyday objects. Luckily, this person doesn’t do any LoL cosplays. After seeing his works, the dream from when I was young was within range, if I just spread my arm and grasp it. So I decided to take the challenge, to show my respect to him and to make my dream come true. After all, it isn’t easy to do such things, unless it’s something like April Fool’s Day or something like this : the End of year Project. The first Cosplay challenge of two reporters ready to turn thirty. Don’t get too mad after seeing this; it’s Christmas, the season of (for)giving.

▲ The items needed for the first cosplay.

▲ Reporter Laffa lost a ton of chest hair.

▲ Nearly ready now.

▲ Making the atmosphere with the mouthwash...

▲ Confidence was sprouting after the first attempt.

▲ This was the ambitious work, actually.

▲ The sweet potato was roasted well. 

▲ Anxiety creeping closer... (Model : Lasso)

▲ The burnt parts of the roasted sweet potato wasn't black enough, so I used an eyebrow pencil for burning face.

▲ Mama, what I've done...

▲ There wasn't enough time to bleach my hair.

▲ Just some easy touches.

▲ This amount of pain is nothing, for his cosplay dream.

▲ After a few attempts and some hair pulled off, it was properly put on.

▲ Melonabreak!

▲ While installing firmware on the Rune keyboard,

▲ Swooning outfit was being created.

▲ I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

▲ No...

▲ This was a horrible mistake. Scroll down quickly.

▲ There's no time to be depressed.

▲ A weapon not of this world!

▲ Set the dramatic lightings,

▲ Add a hairpiece.

▲ Recovery from the mistake (Riven)! No more challenges now.


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    level 1 Exotic_Aura

    This is art.

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    level 1 Nezz

    This is so creative wtf

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